Immunization Info

To complete your registration at Bristol, you must submit your immunization records to Bristol Health Services. This is a requirement of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

This requirement applies to:

  • All full-time students taking 12 credits in any semester
  • All full-and part-time Health Science and Early Childhood Education students 
  • Any student on a visa or exchange program must present proof of vaccines to Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Tetanus, Meningitis (if age 21 or younger), Varicella & Hepatitis B in order to be registered at any institute of higher education. Health Sciences & Early Childhood Education programs have additional requirements, and those students should call Health Services at 508.678.2811, ext 2232. Failure to comply will result in a HOLD being placed on your records, blocking registration for courses. 

When a hold is placed on a student account due to missing or incomplete immunizations records, it must first be cleared before any activity can take place on the account, such as Course Registration. To clear an immunization hold, you must submit the required immunization records to Health Services in G-201.

How to submit your immunization records:

Remember, you cannot register for courses at Bristol without submitting your immunization records or clearing your immunization hold. For more information, please contact Bristol Health Services at 508.678.2811 ext. 2232 or 2757, or email at

Immunization Holds

Students who do not complete this requirement will be placed on 
HOLD for future registrations and transcripts.


Obtain Immunization Records

You may come in to get a copy of your records (with proof of identity) or you can sign a release form that would allow us to fax or send them to another college Health Service or Health Care Provider.