Medical Withdrawal and Re-entry Policy

Any student who is required to withdraw from Bristol Community College due to a medical or mental health issue must follow this process for Medical Withdrawal and Re-Entry to ensure minimal impact on their enrollment status. (Episodic absences should be address using Bristol’s Student Absence Policy.) International students who are holding on an F1 Visa, must also complete this form.

Medical Withdrawal from Bristol Community College:

  1. Notification should be made to the Enrollment Center ( or 774.357.2590) within 72 hours of the start of a medical withdrawal to minimize financial consequences and impact on the student’s academic record.   
  2. Details regarding the nature of the medical issue do not need to be provided at the initiation of the absence. Students should also be aware of and abide by all aspects of Bristol’s Withdrawal Policy & Procedure.   
  3. Once approved, a hold will be placed on the student’s account until the Medical Re-Entry process has been completed.
  4. Students subject to the Bristol’s Suicide Prevention Protocol shall be required to comply with the Medical Re-Entry process.

Medical Re-Entry to Bristol Community College:

Any student who takes a medical leave from Bristol, or who is hospitalized while enrolled at Bristol, must comply with the Bristol’s re-entry process before resuming classes. This process is intended to ensure that a student who is returning from a medical leave or hospitalization is capable of successfully resuming their academic activities. Students who are absent for more than three semesters must also Apply for Readmission.

  1. Student must complete and submit the Bristol Student Medical Reentry Form.
  2. Student’s licensed healthcare provider completes and submits a Health Care Provider Medical Re-Entry Form.
  3. Forms should be delivered as indicated. 
  4. Following the submission of both forms, the student shall engage in a re-entry interview to determine if and when it is appropriate for the student to resume his/her studies.

The Student Medical Re-entry Form‌, the Health Care Provider Medical Re-Entry Form, and any related clinical documentation will be shared only with appropriate heath/mental health professionals at Bristol, will be kept confidential, and will not be connected to the student’s enrollment records. It may also be necessary for a student to provide a release of confidentiality to allow health/mental health professionals at Bristol to speak with the student’s medical or mental health provider(s).  

Requests for any type of exception(s) to these policies must be made in writing to the Enrollment Center. Please contact the Enrollment Center at 774.357.2590 or at for more information.