COVID-19 Testing Resources


Bristol Community College Students and Employees Only

Bristol Community College’s Health Services holds regular surveillance testing for all students and employees at the Fall River campus every Tuesday, 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. This testing is for asymptomatic (no COVID-19 symptoms) students and employees to keep our college community safe. If you have been exposed or have symptoms, you cannot attend this testing. This testing site is walk-ins only, no pre-registratation needed.

  • Do not go to the Bristol Health Services testing site if you have COVID-19 symptoms or are a close contact. Please help to keep our health services personnel, employees and students safe. Go to a General Public testing site: or

Mandatory Program Testing for Spring 2022

  • Dental Hygiene Students (DHG): For Spring 2022, Dental Hygiene requires mandatory testing. In general, testing takes place every other week and always one week prior to attending class on campus.

Bristol Health Services COVID-19 Testing Location
(not for general public) 

Fall River Campus
Bristol Community College
777 Elsbree Street, Fall River
Room E101A 

Prior to Coming to Surveillance COVID-19 Testing:

  • Bring your student ID card.
  • Wear a mask.
  • Please watch the following informational video: How to collect a nasal swab sample.
  • Confirm that you do not have symptoms and you are not a close contact of someone who has had COVID-19.

When you arrive at a Bristol location for COVID-19 testing, please follow the signs to the testing site at the indicated college building. To enter Bristol’s on-campus COVID-19 testing site, you must be wearing a face mask. After checking in with the clinic’s staff, they will give you a tube with a swab and provide instructions. Once instructed, you will temporarily lower your mask, blow your nose and swab the inside of your nostrils five times. The swab will then be sealed in the tube and tested. Your results will be sent to your Bristol email in 1 to 3 days after testing.

Questions call or email health services at 774.357.2232 or

If you are required to test and the above schedule is not convenient you may also submit your results from a general public PCR testing site. Visit or to find a location near you.
You will need to upload any test results from outside of Bristol to this link: Covid 19 Outside Test Upload. Emailed results will not be accepted.

COVID-19 Test Results from Bristol Health Services

COVID-19 test results from any Bristol Health Services testing site will be sent to your Bristol email in 1 to 3 days after testing. 

The College has established a partnership with The Broad Institute for COVID-19 testing and surveillance. This partnership will continue as long as necessary. The Broad Institute testing at Bristol is free of charge for all students and employees. The college will continue its process of sending student test results to Academic Affairs. Any students who have not tested will be identified and required to test before going to campus or class. Athlete testing will be the responsibility of the Director of Athletics and Recreation.

All questions about vaccinations or testing should be referred to

Do you need an at home test kit? The college has a free at home test kit available for students and employees. COVID-19 rapid tests and masks are available at all Bristol locations. See specific locations below.

Keep in mind that a negative home test does not necessarily mean you do not have COVID-19 since there can be false negatives. Health Services may advise that you get a PCR test. If you do not have any symptoms, you can get tested on campus. If, however, you have symptoms or need to test off-campus, you may consider other community testing sites.

COVID-19 Rapid Test and Mask Pick-up Locations

Attleboro Campus
Main Office  
11 Field Road 
Fall River Campus 
Campus Police Department   
D110, Hudnall Administration Building (D building) 
Health Services Center  
E104, Thomas A. Rodgers Jr. Science Building (E building) 
New Bedford Campus 
Main Office  
800 Purchase Street 
Taunton Center 
Main Office  
2 Hamilton Street

For more information, please contact Bristol Community College Health Services by email at or call 774.357.2232.