Child Care



Our Child Care team operated by the John E. Boyd Center is diligently working under the EEC guidelines implementing health and safety requirements and best practices to continue to keep children and educators safe.

Health and Safety Requirements

Preparedness and Planning

  • Arrange the physical space to promote physical distancing
  • Designate a space for isolation of sick or symptomatic individuals
  • Eliminate materials that increase the likelihood of transmission
  • Promote frequent hand hygiene
  • Facilitate cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting routines
  • Confirm safe operations, including the safety of water and ventilation systems

Screening and Monitoring of Children and Staff

  • Programs must screen all individuals, including staff, children, service providers, and maintenance professionals, for symptoms of COVID-19 before they are permitted to enter the child care space.
  • All parents or guardians must complete a health attestation for each child every day prior to arriving at the child care center.

The John E. Boyd Center is committed to using the recommended best practices of social distancing, cleaning procedures, and employee COVID-19 guidelines to ensure our centers are safe for our employees and families.

The Bristol child care site will remain closed through the fall semester. Off-campus child care services are available for infants, toddlers and preschoolers located at the John Boyd Center. For further information, please contact the main office at 63 Carl St, Fall River, MA 02721 or call 508.672.0183.


If you are not a Bristol student, faculty or staff member but you have a child/children enrolled at the John Boyd Center on campus and would like to opt into receiving emergency and college closing messages simply text keyword BCCalert to 67283.