Award Letter & Payments

Bristol Financial Aid Award Letter

Once your financial aid file is complete, you will receive an award letter showing your estimated financial aid package. Review the letter carefully. The award offer is valid only for the enrollment level specified on the letter. Contact the Financial Aid Office if you expect your enrollment to be different from what is specified on the letter. In most cases, the award offer will fluctuate with enrollment changes. Follow-up on any comments listed or additional information requests.

MASSGrant Notices

The Massachusetts Department of Higher Education Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) will notify you directly of your MASSGrant eligibility. Letters received from OSFA refer only to the MASSGrant, and will not affect other assistance offered by Bristol. For example, if you receive a notice from OSFA that you are not eligible for the MASSGrant due to "EFC Too High" or any other reason, the denial is for the MASSGrant only and will not affect any other financial aid offer (Pell Grant, Direct Loans, etc). For more information regarding MASSGrant program guidelines, click here.

Awarding Criteria and Amounts

Financial aid recipients are selected and awarded based on calculated financial need using standards developed by the U.S. Department of Education to estimate a fair student and family contribution. The Federal Pell Grant Program provides grants to low-income students and the award value is based on the federal expected family contribution, (derived using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid [FAFSA]) and the student’s enrollment level. Other grant and loan funds are awarded to students based on financial need, enrollment level, and the availability of funds. Files completed early and by the April 1 priority deadline have the best chance of receiving other grant assistance. Financial aid funds are awarded on a rolling basis using the criteria established for each fund, such as residency, enrollment level, and calculated financial need. As funding permits, the Financial Aid Office strives to provide assistance to meet each eligible applicant’s direct educational costs.

Bristol Campus Card  

The Campus Card is used for financial aid book advances, Bristol $, and Green Print $.

You can view your Bristol Campus Card balance and transactions through your accessBCC account or via the Bristol Mobile app. To view through your accessBCC account, log in, click on the Campus Card tab, log in again at the eAccounts Login, using your same accessBCC log in information. To view using the Bristol Mobile app, follow the download directions outlined in accessBCC at the Campus Card tab.

Book Advances

The Bristol Campus Card is needed for the book advance program. For more information on Book Advances, visit the Helpful Information page.

Financial Aid Distribution

Select your refund preference at Your financial aid award is first applied to outstanding charges and any advances you've received, such as book charges. So, if your financial aid award is greater than your charges, you will receive a payment in the amount of the excess funds.

Your accessBCC account will show an estimated disbursement date which reflects the date the college expects to receive payment from federal and state agencies. This is not the date you can expect to receive a payment. Awards, enrollment, and charges are verified and payments are then made to students. Funds are distributed within fourteen days of receipt.

For the Fall semester, financial aid payments begin in November; for the Spring semester, payments begin in March; for the Summer semester, payments begin in August. The Student Accounts Office will notify you through your accessBCC email account when the payment is available. The payment dates are posted on the campus event calendar.

The Student Accounts Office processes most refunds through the BankMobile website. The funds will be distributed to you based on the refund preference you select at

Loan Payments

Loans are made in two payments. As is the case with all financial aid, the payment is applied to your charges first; any remaining funds are then paid to you. If you are attending in the Fall and Spring, you will receive a payment in the Fall and a payment in the Spring. If you are attending for one semester only or if your loan is for a single semester, the loan will still be made in two payments – usually, half of the loan is paid around mid-semester and the second half is paid about one month later. Promissory notes and entrance counseling must be complete before payments can be authorized.

Monthly Payment Plan

Bristol offers the convenience of a monthly payment plan for tuition and fee charges. For more information, call Student Accounts at 774.357.2160. You can learn about Bristol online payment plans here

Health Insurance Waiver

State law requires students enrolled in nine credits or more to have health insurance. You can waive this charge through accessBCC if you are being charged for health insurance on your bill and can demonstrate you already have health insurance. For more information, call Student Accounts at 774.357.2160. Learn more about insurance information here

BankMobile Refund Selection

Bristol has partnered with BankMobile Disbursements, a division of Customers Bank, to electronically process refunds for credit students. Visit this link for more information about BankMobile. View Bristol's contract with BankMobile here.

Make your Electronic Refund Selection at using the Personal Code found in the email from BankMobile or in the Refund Selection Kit mailed in a bright green envelope. Activate your account and select how you would like to receive your refunds. Bristol will issue a refund to your selected account if you receive a financial aid refund or paid for a class subsequently canceled.