The Bristol Culinary Arts Program and Hospitality Management are two of Bristol's premier areas of study. These programs will provide you with invaluable, real-life experience in all of the disciplines of the restaurant and hospitality industries. You will graduate from Bristol as a well-rounded professional ready to step into the kitchen or hotel office.

The Culinary Arts Program offers concentrations in Culinary Arts and Baking and Pastry Arts.

Culinary Program Requirements

The Culinary Arts, Baking, and Pastry programs are considered selective admission programs. In addition to submitting the admission application, official high school/equivalency and college transcripts, and fee (if required), students must also complete the following steps as part of the admissions process: 

  1. Complete the Culinary Applicant Form.
  2. Applicants must complete the College Placement Test, Accuplacer, or a high school waiver. Students requiring developmental courses in math, reading, or English must complete those courses prior to enrolling in any culinary lab courses.
    If you are a transfer student who has successfully completed college-level math and/or English, please contact Admissions to see if you may be exempt from testing. Visit the  Bristol Testing Center page for testing information.
  3. Attend a Culinary Arts Applicant Information Session.

Areas of Study