Wintersession Courses

Looking to get a jump on the Spring Semester? Bristol offers Wintersession courses to help you get ahead in your educational goals!

We offer fast-paced courses in January that, like all Bristol classes, are transferable. Courses are available to current and new Bristol students or anyone looking to just take one fast-paced course between traditional semesters.

For more information on our Wintersession courses, email or call 774-357-2387.

Course Formats

  • Web courses do not physically meet on campus at any time during the semester so students do not need to come to campus for any “class meetings.” All course work is completed 100% online. Web courses do not have days and times next to their course names. You can tell if a class is a web class by the “W” in the section code. Example: ACC 101 22W.
  • Hybrid courses are courses that are offered 50% or more online. Students should expect a combination of face-to-face instruction and online interaction. Each hybrid course is different regarding how many times during the semester it meets. However, students should make sure they attend the first class meeting. You can tell if a class is a hybrid class by the “H” in the section code. Example: ACC 150 A2H.
  • Student Option Enrollment courses allow students to take the course as a traditional lecture course, 100% online or as a hybrid course (student creates a combination of lecture and web-based instruction in consultation with the instructor). Attendance at the first class meeting is highly encouraged for those students unfamiliar with student options or eLearning. You can tell if a class is a student option class by the “C” in the section code. Example: CIS 117 A2C.

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Prior to enrolling in an online course or program, please be sure to review Bristol's eLearning Policies and Procedures.

Award-Winning Courses and Faculty

Bristol faculty and courses have been recognized as Courses of Distinction (COD) at the annual Massachusetts Colleges Online (MCO) conference.