Vaccination Policy for Visitors

All Bristol students, Bristol employees and community members who are attending indoor events must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19, as defined by the Policy, or have a valid accommodation for COVID-19.  

  • COVID-19 Vaccination Card must be shown at the door (responsibility of organization hosting the event to staff check-in.)
    • Guests ages 5 and over: must show official COVID-19 vaccination card.
    • A hard copy of COVID-19 vaccination record card, digital image of your COVID-19 vaccination record card or COVID-19 SMART Health Card (Mass. Residents Only) is accepted.
    • ONLY if a person has a valid accommodation for COVID-19 can they provide printed or digital proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR or antigen tests administered by a medical provider within 48 hours of being at any Bristol location. (Only applies to people with a medical condition or closely held religious belief that prevents vaccination.)
  • All parties at the event will follow the COVID-19 Vaccine Policy of the Massachusetts Community College System for Employees.
  • Depending on the track of the virus, at any time, the college may need to roll back in-person operations and take other immediate actions.

FUTURE Bristol students, COVID-19 vaccinations are and will continue to be required for all on-campus employees, students, vendors, visitors and anyone who will be visiting any of the college locations for more than 15 minutes, unless they have a valid COVID-19 accommodation. See New Campus Protocols for more information.

Planning an event at Bristol? Please visit for more information.