Board of Trustees

The governing body of Bristol Community College is its Board of Trustees, which consists of eleven members: nine appointed by the governor of the Commonwealth, one alumnus/alumna, and one student representative. The Board of Trustees is responsible for long-range planning, financial resource planning, and organizational structure. The Department of Higher Education (DHE) delegates to the Board of Trustees the authority to appoint personnel.

Members of the Board of Trustees are as follows:

Mr. Frank P. Baptista

Ms. Renee Clark

Ms. Valentina Videva Dufresne (Secretary)

Joseph C. Ferreira, Esq.     

Pamela Gauvin, Esq.

Mr. Samuel Horton (Student Trustee) '23

Mr. Jeffrey T. Karam (Vice Chair)

Mr. James H. Mathes (Alumni Trustee) '83

Mr. Todd E. McGhee

Ms. Joan M. Medeiros (Chair)         

Ms. Lynn A. Motta '92


You can access the Bristol Community College Board of Trustees By-Laws here.