Academic integrity is the keystone of teaching, learning, and assessment. Bristol Community College is committed to promoting and supporting this ideal. In fact, it is fundamental to our mission. All students, faculty, staff, and administrators are expected to maintain a high standard of academic honesty and integrity.

College students must assume responsibility for maintaining academic integrity in their work and in the work of others. Students, as colleagues in learning, have a responsibility to document their own work and to report other incidents of academic dishonesty or negligence. 

Faculty and staff cooperation is necessary to ensure academic integrity, and they should serve as a model for their students. Syllabi should include their expectations and the College policy, course materials should be cited.   

Incidents of academic dishonesty should be addressed and reported in a timely fashion.

The administrators at Bristol Community College also share in demonstrating and ensuring academic honesty and integrity. While recognizing that academic freedom is a fundamental right of higher education, it must be supported by academic integrity and honesty. For that reason, the College will not tolerate academic dishonesty or negligence and has established policies and procedures to ensure academic honesty and integrity is maintained and supported.