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Peter TatroStudent. Volunteer. Advocate. Student’s Impact can be Felt in and out of the Classroom.
Peter Tatro has been enrolled in Bristol Community College’s Adult Education program at the Attleboro Campus for several years. He attributes his persistence, success and character to his parents, who always instilled a great work ethic and moral compass. He adopted their motto of ‘making you humble so you don’t stumble.’

Several years ago, Peter set out to help a friend with life-threatening heart problems raise money, to help defray her medical expenses, by riding his bicycle alone from Attleboro to Florida. He rode for 37 days, 1,425 miles and returned to Attleboro by bus.

Shortly afterward, Peter was diagnosed with a crippling spinal cord condition, and spent several years in a wheelchair, while undergoing surgery and enduring grinding physical therapy. He is finally able to walk again and is a driving force in helping others despite his medical issues.

He volunteers nightly at Bristol’s HiSET/GED classes and goes out of his way to help, encourage and support other students, even offering them free tutoring sessions on demand.

“Attleboro’s Adult Education program has greatly benefited from Peter’s dedication. He has delivered recruitment materials, maintains contact with other students and is always encouraging, always willing to offer his time,” said Dale Hayden, Associate Director, Adult Education, Economic Business Development department at Bristol Community College.

Peter notes that he is grateful for Bristol’s staff who have gone above and beyond to support his education and encourage him to continue his studies. Namely, Kate Ashworth, his Education & Career Advisor, Dottie Hays, his math instructor and Carolyn Osborne, his English Language Arts (ELA) instructor, have made the biggest impact on his Bristol experience.

Peter has just one test left to obtain his High School Equivalency credential. He also co-enrolled in Bristol’s Transition to College Program this past year, with the goal of obtaining an associate degree. He aspires to open his own business one day.

“Peter has been an inspiration to the staff and students in our program. One of those rare people who gives his all, going above and beyond whatever life’s challenges present,” Hayden said.