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Bristol Community College’s Economic and Business Development supports and enriches the region’s economy and the Commonwealth through workforce development strategies, innovative growth initiatives and training, and language skill development. 

Economic and Business Development is comprised of areas that are critical to supporting economic and business development initiatives, establishing critical external partnerships, performing business-related needs assessments, developing and offering essential training for existing and future workforce, enhancing the region’s literacy and educational attainment with secondary education credentialing, and supporting regional industry growth in the innovation economy.  

Economic and Business Development serves residents through Business Solutions & Partnerships (BS&P), Adult Education, the National Offshore Wind Institute, and Grant Development. This critical area works cooperatively with the college and the campus community, enrolls a diverse array of student profiles, and provides solutions to a broad list of regional, state, national, and global issues. Additionally, Economic and Business Development seeks to promote and support critical industries through workforce programs with needed career and technical competencies, including sectors in the Innovation sector.  

Economic & Business Development has established partnerships with regional businesses, chambers of commerce, MassHire Workforce boards and associated Career Centers, economic development organizations, industrial foundations, and literacy-focused organizations, and K-12 and higher educational institutions. 

Adult Education

Provides high school equivalency as well as English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) programs. 

Business Solutions & Partnerships (BS&P) 

Provides trainings to the private and public sectors as well as offers new paths and upskilling through short-term professional development and stackable credentials. 

Grant Development

Develops funding opportunities to achieve the college’s priorities and initiatives through private and public grant development and planning. 

National Offshore Wind Institute 

Provides Global Wind Organization training required for the offshore wind industry as well as short-term professional development and related credentialing, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship program for the offshore wind industry. 

Economic and Business Development team:  

Jennifer Menard, Vice President, Economic and Business Development 

Sara Mello, Executive Assistant to the VP, Economic and Business Development

Steven Goulet, Director of Operations, Economic and Business Development 

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