Our Mission


The mission of the Leading for Change Team at Bristol is to create college wide initiatives with sustained collaboration between students, faculty and staff in assessing and implementing policies designed to foster a welcoming and inclusive socio-cultural campus climate; promote critical thinking; increase the cultural competency of faculty and staff; and improve the retention and graduation rates of all students.


The Leading for Change (L4C) Team at Bristol believes that a rewarding, critical and equitable educational experience is a fundamental right for all students. The L4C team is dedicated to progressive and transformative institutional and educational frameworks to eliminate opportunity gaps, empower student identities, and facilitate the academic and social success of all students and greater Bristol community.

We are dedicated to an inquiry based alliance between students, faculty and administrators in order to foster a welcoming, meaningful and empowering school culture and social structure. The effective work of the Leading for Change team relies on increasing diversity, engagement, dialogue and the interaction of students, faculty and staff.