Community Service Leader Program

Through this program students receive special training to learn project design skills, problem-solving strategies, team-building skills, and how to identify community needs. Students in the program design and implement a project that aims to address the unmet community need.

Steps involved for becoming a Community Service Leader:

  1. Complete a service-learning project.
  2. Attend a Civic Engagement leadership training or participate in a community leadership seminar (PSY 271 or PSY 295).
  3. Design a service project that meets a community need, then recruit and lead a minimum of 5 peers on the project. Submit a Leadership Application by week 4 of semester.
  4. After performing service, submit a Leadership Record by week 11 of semester. If taken for Service-Learning credit, complete the required reflection assignment.
  5. Receive a certificate of accomplishment as a Community Service Leader and be publicly recognized at commencement by wearing a red cord and receiving a special notation in the commencement program.