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Graduate Survey

graduate survey snapshot

In order for the college to learn from its graduates to help future students, Strategic Analytics conducts a graduate survey every year at the time of graduation. The brief survey asks graduates about their college experience, what their plans are after Bristol, and how the college can improve. The dashboard provides both quantitative and qualitative survey results. 

Student Demographics Survey

student demographic survey snapshot

In order for the college to learn more about its students, Strategic Analytics conducts a demographics survey every semester. The brief survey asks students to provide demographic information that is not captured through the enrollment or registration process. 


Student Experience Survey

student experience survey snapshot

With guidance from Bristol’s senates, college governance, and the Institutional Review Board, Strategic Analytics and Institutional Research (SAIR) developed remote experience surveys to guide Bristol’s decision-making for future semesters under COVID-19.

Student Preference Survey

student preference survey snapshot

This survey collect's important information from Bristol students in order to conduct targeted outreach and monitor various success measures.