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Free Community College is here! 

How will I know if I am eligible? 

Check eligibility requirements at

Registered students who have been identified as potentially eligible will see a placeholder for $1 on their student account which can be viewed in accessBCC under Financial Aid > My Eligibility > Student Requirements. The college is working on the awarding process now and we anticipate the final awarding to be completed by the end of August. At that time, students who are verified to be eligible will see the $1 replaced with the final amount.  

Please continue to check your account. We will be reviewing the list daily to ensure that anyone who is eligible will be captured by the end of August. If you do not see a dollar on your account at this time and you believe that you are eligible, please email The financial aid office can view on a case-by-case basis. 

What steps do I need to take now? 

We are here to answer all of your questions. Visit our MassReconnect page to find out about eligibility and steps you can take to take advantage of this new exciting opportunity.  

All registered students should proceed with the next steps in their enrollment process including:  

  • Complete your Health insurance waiver. Students registered for 9 or more credits are automatically charged for health insurance. Please note, MassReconnect does not cover the cost of health insurance that is automatically placed on your bill. Providing proof of insurance through this waiver will prevent the health insurance charge on your bill. 
  • Ensure all outstanding Financial Aid requirements have been met. You can see a list of outstanding documents which can be viewed in accessBCC under Student Quick Links > Financial Aid > My Eligibility > Student Requirements. 
  • Complete the Bristol Enrollment Checklist. 

Will my books and supplies be covered?  

Yes, under MassReconnect books and supplies are covered by completing the college’s book advance process. More information will be shared on this when you receive information on your final MassReconnect award. 

What if I have already paid some or all of my bill?  

If you have already paid some or all of your bill and it is determined that you are eligible for MassReconnect, your account will be refunded beginning the end of October.  

Due to the short amount of time between the state’s approval of the program and the start of the semester, there will be a small lag time between the bill due date and the award distribution. Rest assured, you will not face any enrollment disruptions due to non-payment until after the final awards and due dates have been communicated to the student and met.  

What if I turn 25 after the first day of classes?

Our team will be evaluating age each semester. If you aren’t 25 by the first day of classes, you wouldn’t be eligible for MassReconnect funds for that semester. However, you would potentially be eligible for the following semester, if you satisfy the other eligibility requirements. We recommend following the steps on the website. 

Still have questions? For questions about MassReconnect email 

For questions about your bill, including bill payment, please contact Student Accounts at or 774.357.2160.