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Law and Justice

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Why choose a Bristol Law and Justice program?

Positive Impact

Gain the opportunity to fight for justice and equality on behalf of individuals and communities, many of which cannot advocate for themselves.


Job Security

The demand for law and justice professionals remains relatively stable, as these roles are essential for maintaining a functional society. 


Diverse Careers and Environments

Choose the path and setting that best fit your interests, whether that be in the street for patrol, in the lab conducting forensic tests, or in an office setting.


Continuous Growth

Law and justice are dynamic fields that are constantly evolving to adapt to new technologies, societal changes, and legal developments. 



Are you looking to begin a fulfilling career in law and justice? Look no further than Bristol Community College. With a range of specialized offerings, we're committed to guiding you toward a brighter future.

Criminal Justice Career

Step into the world of crime prevention, investigation, and public safety with our immersive Criminal Justice Career Program. Whether you aspire to become a police officer, corrections officer, or security professional, our comprehensive curriculum equips you with practical skills and hands-on experiences that matter.  

Criminal Justice Transfer

Dreaming of a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice? Start your academic journey here, at Bristol Community College. Our Criminal Justice Transfer Program not only offers you an exceptional education in foundational legal concepts and criminal behavior analysis, but also provides a seamless transition to four-year institutions for further studies. 

General Studies: Legal and Social Studies

Uncover the complexities of law, society, and ethics with our General Studies: Legal and Social Studies program. Delve into legal theory, social issues, and the ethical dilemmas that shape our world. Whether you're aspiring to become a legal professional or simply wish to understand the intricate legal landscape, this program offers you a well-rounded education that empowers you to make informed decisions. 

Life Sciences: Biotechnology and Forensic DNA

Merge your passion for science with the pursuit of justice through our Life Sciences program focused on Biotechnology and Forensic DNA. Unearth the power of advanced laboratory techniques and cutting-edge biotechnology to unravel mysteries and contribute to criminal investigations. Become a pivotal link between science and justice, driving breakthroughs in modern forensics. 

Paralegal Studies

Unlock the world of legal support and advocacy with our Paralegal Studies program. Learn the art of legal research, document preparation, case management, and more. Our experienced faculty, industry connections, and hands-on training ensure you graduate prepared to assist legal professionals and navigate the legal landscape with confidence.


Hear about Bristol Criminal Justice major Myesha Auguste's internship at Mass 911.

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