A Message from President Laura L. Douglas Ph.D.

Dear Colleagues,  

It is time for us to unite in denouncing hate, bigotry and violence. As we mourn the death of George Floyd, we are all trying to process the anger and grief that these images have invoked. It is the gravity of this senseless act, along with others in the recent weeks and months, that hang heavy on our hearts and minds. Peaceful protests are a way to show our unified support against racism, and the call for equality and peace should rise above the rioting we are watching unfold throughout our country.     

We must be dedicated to denouncing racism, bias, hatred and discrimination.  

We cannot allow the senseless accusations and murders of Black and African Americans to continue. We cannot let hate speech hide behind the guise of free speech. 

Core to our mission and values, Bristol is one unified and innovative community. We pledge our dedication to collaborating with our community to foster an inclusive environment with a rich diversity of beliefs, cultures, languages, abilities and lifestyles.  

Higher education can be a great equalizer — providing opportunity for students to increase their human and social capital. Obviously, we need to work harder. We need to eliminate the inequities associated with skin color. It is on us to engage our college community to bring about positive change. 

Our decisions to continue to make equity the top priority for our college could not come at a more important time. We have been asking ourselves difficult questions about equity: What does equity mean to you? What are the values that support equity-minded institutions? What more do we need to know to strengthen and steer our practices related to equity?  

Now more than ever, there is an urgency to finding these answers for our college and communities. An urgency that will help to shape how we respond to the deeply rooted racism and hatred that continues to exist in our society. 

As we visualize the future of Bristol Community College and put forth a new strategic plan that will inform our direction, you can make a significant difference.   

We have just launched a new semester today. Let’s consider what is taking place around us to encourage conversation and dialogue.  

Please take the time to attend the upcoming Social Justice Forums hosted by the Department of Multicultural Affairs. These forums facilitate the difficult and necessary conversations that need to take place.

This is a complicated time that is now layered with additional uncertainties and fear. The one thing that is not uncertain, however, is the need for peace, opportunity and justice for all.   

In addition to the forums, we will continue to provide resources to assist you:  

  • Students may contact Student Wellness at 774.357.2379 and referrals can be made to the CARE Team,  

  • Employees may access the Mass4You Employee Assistance/Wellness program through the Commonwealth. Mass4You: Commonwealth of Massachusetts Employee Assistance Program Mass4You or call 844-263-1982 (available 24/7) 

Thank you and stay safe,  

Laura L. Douglas, Ph.D.