Bristol Community College has prepared this return-to-campus plan, called Bristol Together, with much input from the Bristol Community and its constituents. The purpose of this plan is to describe Bristol’s plans for a safe return to the four physical campus locations.

Bristol Community College has increased on-campus learning and support services. We continue to follow our “Bristol Together” plan and constantly monitor the work of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) and Center for Disease Control (CDC) as keeping our campus and community as healthy and safe as possible continues to be our top priority. These plans continue to be revised and updated as we receive new information about the pandemic, vaccination rates and guidance from federal and state health officials.  

By working together, we can find new and innovative ways to help our students learn and receive the services they need, whether in person or virtually. The COVID-19 virus continues to impact the daily lives of our community, especially when proper protocols are not followed. Therefore, we have continued to phase in the return of additional faculty and staff, while still reviewing remote work feasibility when applicable. Students, faculty and staff who will be on the campuses will need to continue to follow strict health guidelines and protocols.  

Please remember that depending on the track of the virus, including new variants, at any time, the college may need to roll back in-person operations and take other prudent actions. We will lead with safety at top of mind. 

The Bristol App Bristol App icon is an integral tool for Self Screening and Scanning into campus facilities. Visit the Bristol Together Students page to see what you need to know.