Facilities & Cleaning

Enhanced cleaning of public and office spaces continues throughout Bristol’s college locations to assist in safeguarding our students and employees from the transmission of COVID-19. Hanging door tags should be turned from green to yellow to indicate that the room has been used.

Each department should reach out to their building Maintainer to address their specific Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needs. The Building Maintainer replenishes PPE supplies in rooms as needed.

  • Classrooms, computer labs and public spaces that are in use are cleaned on a daily basis.
  • Mask and glove dispensers are located in public areas of all buildings and in many classrooms for students to use before or after classes. 
    • KN95 and N95 masks available free for employees and students:
      • Fall River Campus: Campus Police in D building and Health Services in E building.
      • Check with the Dean in Attleboro, New Bedford and Taunton. 
  • Dispensers of sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer are located at the instructor podiums.
  • Ensure appropriate airflow in all indoor spaces, where practical.
    • Facilities checks all campus spaces for adequate ventilation.
    • Air purifiers are available for use in classrooms and office spaces. This equipment should run 24/7 and never be turned off to work most effectively. Air purifiers can be requested through the Work Request System or by calling 774.357.2533.