Do I have to apply to graduate? 
In order to be eligible to graduate, all students needed to complete and submit an Application to Graduate by Friday, March 19, 2021. Any applications submitted after this date will be reviewed for summer 2021 graduation.

Will the virtual commencement celebration have captioned content?
Yes, all videos shown during the virtual commencement ceremony will be captioned. American Sign Language interpreters will also be a part of our ceremony.

How else can I celebrate the Class of 2021?
Celebrations for the Class of 2021 have begun! Leading up to the virtual ceremony, share your videos and photos using #BristolGrad21 on Bristol’s FacebookInstagram and Twitter

Additionally, check out the Cap Decorating Contest and other details on the Celebrate the Class of 2021 page. You can see caps and the Yearbook Padlet HERE.

What is the difference between a commencement ceremony and graduation?  
The commencement ceremony signifies the culmination of the incredible accomplishment of the graduating students eligible to receive their degree. This is the moment where the entire college community gathers with graduates, families and friends to recognize the hard work put in by students to achieve their degrees.

Graduation is the process of being awarded a degree or certificate after successful completion and assessment of all program requirements. Commencement ceremonies are the celebration of your graduation!

How will I receive my diploma?
Students will receive their diplomas by mail in July.

Will I receive a cap and gown? 

Yes! Students will receive their caps and gowns by mail in early May.

Will I be able to get my cord and stole?
Yes! Students will have the opportunity to receive their cords and stoles before Commencement Day. Details to follow.