Event Scheduling

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Bristol is preparing to return to campus and return to scheduling external events and activities. We have opened our event scheduling to our internal audience first. Please see the timeline below for more information.


In all cases, everyone who is on the campuses must follow strict health guidelines and protocols including proper mask-wearing at all times, frequently washing or sanitizing hands, and watching your distance, including remaining six feet apart. It is the responsibility of the person hosting the event to be familiar with the guidelines that are specific to our college campuses and work with the proper campus personnel to implement these standards accordingly.

  • General guidelines can be found at www.bristolcc.edu/Together.
  • Guidelines specific to the event booking will be finalized a few weeks prior to the event to confirm that all safety protocols are in place and being followed.   
  • A COVID-19 Protocol Plan must be submitted and strictly followed.  
  • Once the event is booked, Laura Carlson will reach out to the person organizing the event to discuss the details.  

Please remember that depending on the track of the virus, at any time, the college may need to roll back in-person operations and take other immediate actions. We will always lead with safety.

Below is a timeline for internal and externally hosted events:

Current (as of July 2021) - Internal Bristol meeting protocol is as follows:

  • Outdoor tents in Fall River are available to schedule meetings and will be handled the same as conference rooms.
  • Indoor meetings in meeting areas (Conference Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Classrooms) or offices with no more than 3 people per space.
    • Wear masks, social distancing​.
  • Follow up with Laura Carlson for reservations and guidelines​.

Beginning August 1, 2021, the college will allow outdoor events for both internal and external groups.

As of September 1, 2021​, internal college events allowed both indoors and outdoors​.

  • Follow current mask and social distancing guidance.

Beginning October 1, 2021, external groups may host indoor events at the college.

In accordance with the timeline above, please note space below for Student Appointments:

  • Fall River
    • G Building Cafeteria – Meeting space for Student appointments​
  • New Bedford
    • Community Room – Meeting space for Student appointments​
  • Attleboro​
    • Former Library in Attleboro – Meeting space for Student appointments​
  • Taunton​
    • Not available until late summer


The process for requesting space, such as theater, Commonwealth College Center, outdoor venues, athletic field, and conference space for all external requests, will be made through an email to  Laura.Carlson@bristolcc.edu  

All groups renting space at Bristol will need to submit a COVID-19 Protocol Plan that is in alignment with the type of event that is taking place. Once you have submitted your event request, Laura Carlson will work with your organization on the COVID-19 Protocol Plan. The protocols will be different for each group and type of event. For example, a theater production group will need to include how they will handle social distancing for their cast and dressing rooms, dancers, orchestra, etc. A group using classrooms will have a different protocol plan. Please note, in addition to aligning with your organization’s COVID-19 restrictions, you will need to follow Bristol’s safety protocols and guidelines. Groups of academic nature will be handled on a case-by-case basis and will also submit their organizations' protocols for review and approval.   

Requesting food for your event:   

There are strict protocols that have been put into place for eating while on campus due to COVID-19. All food service bookings will need to be approved by and coordinated through the foodservice vendor (see below) and Laura Carlson. We cannot guarantee that food will be allowed at an event until a few weeks prior to the event at which time it will depend on the current guidance and safety protocols that are in place at the time the event is taking place. This detail will need to be included in the COVID-19 Protocol Plan.    

Bristol’s Food Service vendor, Epicurean Feast, has the right of first refusal and must be contacted even in the case of donated or in-kind food being served at your event. If you are serving food at your event, Event Scheduling must be notified, no outside food can be served without prior approval. Email: ecafe308@epicureanfeast.com Phone: 774.357.2237 Cater Trax: https://bristolcommunitycollege.catertrax.com  

Internal requests will be considered first:  

The college will compile and consider a listing of preliminary requests received from the internal College Community beginning June 1, 2021. 

Thank you for your patience as we work through this new and unique time. We appreciate the support you provide the college and look forward to working with you closely on these details so that we all have a successful event.   

Laura Carlson
Director of Event Scheduling
Bristol Community College
777 Elsbree Street
Fall River, MA  02720


EMSWEB - All internal events, virtual and in-person, must be scheduled through Bristol Community College's Event Scheduling system.