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Bristol Shines 2024 – Employee Recognition & Awards Ceremony

Joyce Fernandes being celebrated for 45 years of service to Bristol
Olivia Robinson winning Sceptre and Scroll award.

Thank you for helping us celebrate our employees and the work they do to support the college, and more importantly, our students.

Every year, Bristol honors employees who have attained service milestones in the past year, employees who have recently or are soon-to-be-retired, as well as employees who have received prestigious awards.

Please continue reading to learn more about these special award recipients below!

Bayhawk Victors

  • Amanda Beaulieu-Smith.
  • Alison Brewer.
  • Josh Brewer.
  • William Duffy.
  • Andrew Hinote.
  • Emma Montague.
  • Magna Pacheco.
  • Eugena Perry.
  • Elizett Pires.

Bristol Belongs Award

  • Laine Clements, Administrative Assistant, Student Success Center.
  • Rebekah Senay, Clerk IV, Taunton Center.
  • Nicola Machado, Administrative Assistant, Adult Education.

The Belongs Award is given to individuals within the college community who have demonstrated a strong commitment to fostering an inclusive and welcoming workplace environment.  

Bristol Innovator Award

  • Farah Habib, Associate Professor of English.

The Innovator Award acknowledges and celebrates employees who demonstrate innovative thinking and creativity by solving organizational issues or implementing process improvements. 

Silver Shield

  • Denny Cosmo, Director, Joseph A. Marshall Veterans Center.
  • Farah Habib, Associate Professor of English.
  • Natalie Sousa, Administrative Assistant II, Business Solutions & Partnerships.

The Silver Shield is awarded to members of the college community who have made significant contributions to the college and are being recognized for rendering outstanding service of consistent high quality above and beyond their job description. 

Sceptre & Scroll

  • William Duffy, Senior Special Programs Coordinator, Academic Innovation & Professional Development.
  • David Ledoux, Assistant Professor of Theatre, Arts and Humanities.
  • Olivia Robinson, Marketing & Communications Specialist.
  • Jennifer Sousa, Staff Associate, Information Technology Services.
  • Dr. Laura L. Douglas, Ph.D., President.

The Sceptre & Scroll is the most prestigious of our awards. Membership to the Sceptre & Scroll Society is awarded to members of the college community who consistently provide exceptional college-wide service and/or leadership to Bristol Community College above and beyond their job description. Recipients are installed in perpetuity in the Sceptre & Scroll Society.  


Every year we like to honor our incredible recent or soon-to-be retirees. Thank you all for your service to the college!

  • Michael Bensink.
  • Donna Davis.
  • Shawn Elliott.
  • Carol Ginsberg.
  • Christopher Levrault. 
  • Rhonda Magnuski.
  • Carlos Pereira.
  • Cynthia Souza.

Professors Emeriti

The Professor Emeritus is an honorary title, recognizing distinguished academic service at Bristol. The title is awarded to retired Professors who have made an exceptional contribution in academic leadership, including dedicated achievement to their field of study.

  • Dr. Johanna Duponte-Williams, Retired Professor of Occupational Therapy.
  • Priscilla Grocer, Retired Professor of Computer Information Systems.
  • Dr. Kathleen Plante, Retired Professor of Nursing.
  • Robert Rak, Retired Professor of Environmental Technology.

Performance Recognition Program 

The Performance Recognition Program is a state-wide program where employees in state service for at least two years are nominated by peers and supervisors for their extraordinary contributions to public service.

Individual Winner

Michele Lareau, Administrative Assistant, TRIO programs.

Group Winners

Information Technology Services

  • Dennis Baldwin.
  • Helene Costa.
  • Aaron Daniel.
  • Kayla Desrosiers.
  • Andrew Downing.
  • Diane Forand.
  • Scott Francis.
  • Robert Griffiths. 
  • Andrew Hinote.
  • Paul Jefferson.
  • John Malloy.
  • Thomas Meagher.
  • Angelina Medeiros.
  • Ryan Menard.
  • Asawnie Moorehouse.
  • Andrew Morrison.
  • Ernest Nicholson.
  • Jo-Ann Pelletier.
  • Raymond Phillips.
  • Tahais Real-Martins.
  • Marcelo Ruas.
  • Alex Saurette.
  • Warren Smith.
  • Jennifer Sousa.
  • Jade Vieira.
  • David Vieira.
  • Mirela Voiculescu.
  • Erik Weldon.

Student and Family Engagement

  • Renata Garcia.
  • Elizabeth McCarthy.
  • Jeffrey Craig.

Years of Service Recognition Program

Each year at the Employee Recognition event, Bristol Community College recognizes both full- and part-time employees for their years of service to the college.

Gifts for today’s honorees include pins indicating years of service. The names of employees with 25 or more years of service will be included in the Recognition Garden on the Bristol Community College Fall River Campus.

In addition, the college makes a donation to the Bristol Community College Student Employment Program Fund in the amount of an employee’s years of service. The Student Employment Program is designed to provide eligible students with an opportunity to gain valuable experience as well as a chance to earn money to offset educational and living expenses related to attending Bristol. 

Additional donations to the Bristol Community College Student Employment Program Fund can be made by anyone wishing to honor a college employee by contacting the Foundation office in the Hudnall Administration Building (D118) or at extension 2007. 

Please join us in celebrating the milestones and achievements of Bristol Community College’s outstanding faculty and staff. 

  • Joyce Fernandes.
  • Susan Raposo.

  • Mitchell Estaphan.
  • Dennis Haworth.

  • Laura Bomback.
  • Robert Griffiths.
  • Greg Sethares.
  • Anthony Ucci.
  • Colleen Vickery.

  • Ameur Belmedani.
  • Eileen Cruz.
  • Scott Francis.
  • Susan Hague.
  • Nicole Heaney.
  • Peter Homen.
  • Julie Jodoin-Krauzyk.
  • Melanie Johnson.
  • Richard Silvia.
  • Eileen Young.

  • Robert Coleman.
  • Linda Gautie.
  • Geraldine Gregory.
  • Kelly Landry.
  • April Lynch.
  • John C. Malloy.
  • Laurie Pieroni.
  • Ricardo Rebelo.
  • Carol Richards.

  • Susan Barrett.
  • Robert Brough.
  • Barbara Cadima.
  • Melissa Carberry.
  • Ann Marie Donnelly.
  • Joseph Dumais.
  • David Henry.
  • Kelli Hiller.
  • Sarah Kocur.
  • Robert Koczera.
  • Jenna Lagasse.
  • Mary Mayhew.
  • Jacqueline Mbugua.
  • Brian McGuire.
  • Kathleen Plante.
  • Steven Rys.

  • Maryellen Atkins.
  • Rosario Basay.
  • Edward Bjornson.
  • Emily Brown.
  • Jillian DeCosta.
  • Rita DeOliveira.
  • Michael Donato.
  • Sahar Elmarsafawy.
  • Dale Hayden.
  • Stacie C. Hess.
  • Mathew Hodges.
  • Renee Horton.
  • Angeliki Kouma.
  • Alejandro Latinez.
  • Nicola Machado.
  • Tracy Martin.
  • Jennifer Menard.
  • Scott Nolan.
  • Elzbieta Nowakowski.
  • Mario Oliveira.
  • Dorris Perryman.
  • Karen Pimental.
  • Filomena Ponte.
  • Greg Rebis.
  • Olivia Robinson.
  • Nancy Santopadre dosReis.
  • Jacqueline Shook.
  • Susan Silvia.
  • Erin Smith.
  • John Tschirch.
  • Thomas Warren.
  • Patricia Zuber.

  • Chandra Akerblom.
  • Christopher Anderson.
  • Jill Apicerno.
  • Theresa Bernardino.
  • Brent Cardelli.
  • Kimberly Carreiro.
  • Wendy Correia.
  • Richard Couto.
  • Christopher Cox.
  • Jeffrey Davis.
  • Julie Delcourt.
  • Kathleen Faidell.
  • Robert Fennessy.
  • Stefanie Gouveia.
  • Tanya Gouveia.
  • Nicole Hall.
  • Laura Hogan.
  • Thomas Hoye.
  • James Judge.
  • Dianne Klayman.
  • Nancy Labonte.
  • Enoch Lamptey.
  • David Ledoux.
  • Kaitlyn Litwinetz.
  • David Madden.
  • Carmen Maldonado.
  • Robin Martin.
  • Adriana Medeiros.
  • Emma Montague.
  • Mark Nataly.
  • Lorna Ntabakos.
  • Jennifer O'Brien.
  • Nicholas O'Brien.
  • Vivien Ojadi.
  • Nicole Picard.
  • John Rapoza.
  • Farah Romulus.
  • Rebekah Senay.
  • Abigail Silva.
  • Christopher Silva.
  • Tyler Silva.
  • Jennifer Simoes.
  • Thomas Souza.
  • Nikita Viera.
  • Amanda Von Malder.
  • Kate Welch.