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BRISTOL SHINES - 2021/2022

View this year's honorees below:

The Sceptre and Scroll Award is awarded to members of the college community who have consistently provided exceptional college-wide service and/or leadership over a period of years. Recipients are installed in perpetuity in the Sceptre and Scroll Society. Winners were nominated by their colleagues.

Kate Ashworth 

Kate is recognized for her tireless work to create successful pathways for Bristol Adult Education students, both while they are in the program as well as out in the community following completion of their work. She is consistently positive and encouraging to our students, which demonstrates her dedication to the success of the Adult Education program.

Patricia Barbosa

Patricia is recognized for her leadership efforts in the Business Solutions and Partnerships area. In support of back-to-work efforts in the community, she led the project to deliver free classes so that community members could strengthen their skills for the ever-changing workforce. She accomplishes her work with a professional, solutions-based and collaborative mindset, always looking for innovative ways to improve department functions and serve students.

Emily Brown 

In her time at Bristol, Emily has led the creation of the Holocaust and Genocide Center Collection and the Poisoned Path project, which were both multi-year projects. She also serves as the Bristol chapter president of MCCC, focusing on building and maintaining a collegial relationship with the administration of the college. She is committed to promoting the college’s mission of equity and inclusion and supporting our faculty, staff and students.

Janet Botelho 

Janet is recognized for being a critical member of the Enrollment Center team. She is incredibly knowledgeable about Bristol and uses that experience and wisdom to provide excellent service to our students and her colleagues on daily basis. To Janet, this is not just a job – she has a passion for making sure students are successful.

Michael Geary

Mike is recognized for his skillful and confident leadership of the Writing Center through many changes, which have improved and reshaped processes to prepare tutors for success in their work. He understands Bristol’s programs and curriculum, and appreciates students’ and colleagues’ needs, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Julie Jodoin-Krauzyk

Throughout her years at the college, Julie has been a consistent advocate for equity and inclusion for students by infusing Universal Design into the college community and providing education and professional development to colleagues on accessibility. She is a strong advocate for the Office of Disability Services team, including reviewing technology and processes for continuous improvement initiatives.

Lisa Lavoie

Lisa has served the college for many years in several different capacities and has consistently exemplified a commitment to our mission and values. Some examples of her recent leadership roles include the transition of the adjunct payroll process and revision of the seniority list, which are monumental in scope. 

The Silver Shield is awarded to members of the college community who made significant contributions to the college during the current academic year. Winners were nominated by their colleagues.

Kate Ashworth

Kate trained instructors and students to successfully navigate the move of the Adult Education program in Attleboro to an online, distance learning model. She has strived in every way to assure the success and achievement of our students, even personally delivering books and laptops to those who have transportation issues.

Emily Brown 

Emily is being recognized for her role in coordinating the 2021-2022 interdisciplinary colloquium “A More Perfect Union: Diffusing Disinformation and Promoting Critical Thought” as well as the Holocaust & Genocide Collection. Throughout the year, she managed a broad range of aspects for these events, which spark student learning by thinking critically about important issues in our world.

Denise DiMarzio 

Denise is being recognized for her role in the growth and success of the Commonwealth Honors Program. During her time as Coordinator, Denise has grown the program from 5 graduates to 40 graduates. She also had to move the Honors showcase to a virtual format due to COVID, which involved considerable attention to detail and planning to ensure it ran smoothly for the students.

Johanna Duponte-Williams

Johanna is being recognized for her dedication to meet the needs of the Occupational Therapy Assistant students who were unable to complete their fieldwork requirements in 2021-2022. Through her vast network in the community, she was able to create and ensure placements for OTA students to be successful and build relationships with agencies that will last in the years to come.

Heather Harrison

Heather successfully brought Adult Education pathways programs back to pre-pandemic enrollment levels despite facing many challenges in 2021-2022. She supported students through the vaccination policy requirement and strategically developed hybrid options, as well as options for students to complete their credential in less time and for less money. Her innovative mindset and commitment to students will continue to benefit Bristol.

Karen Parker 

Karen has been taxed with looking at Bristol’s building systems in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic to find ways to improve air quality and make many items “hands-free”, among other considerations. Because Karen is incredibility knowledgeable and very hands on manager, she has quickly learned the new systems as they have changed and upgraded over the past few years; and ensured problems were dealt with, even on nights and weekends. Her work has made our campus community a safer place.

Derek Viveiros 

Derek is being recognized for bringing sports and intercollegiate competition back to Bristol following the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. His dedication to safety protocols in this ever-changing environment allowed for a safe, gradual return to campus and competition, including successful seasons for Men’s Basketball and Men’s and Women’s Soccer.

Jennifer Wicherski

Jennifer is being recognized for her commitment to excellence in college operations by ensuring timely payments for vendors by being physically present on campus throughout the pandemic, as well as moving many paper systems to an electronic means. She also was responsible for CARES fund payments to Bristol’s Adult Education, non-credit, and dual enrollment students.

Emeritus Professor is an honorary title, recognizing distinguished academic service at Bristol. The title is awarded to retired Professors who have made an exceptional contribution in academic leadership, including dedicated achievement to their field of study.

Dr. Howard Tinberg, Retired Professor of English at Bristol Community College

Dr. Tinberg is a respected professor, author, mentor and colleague. He started at Bristol Community College in 1987.

He served as a faculty senator from 2008 to 2017. He held the title of President for two years.

He is one of the founders of the college’s Holocaust and Genocide Center along with Dr. Ron Weisberger who he has “team-taught” an honors class about the Shoah for many years and from their experience in 2013 came their book, "Teaching, Learning and the Holocaust."

The Writing Center was established in 1993 based on Dr. Tinberg’s vision.

Dr. Tinberg has authored, co-authored, or co-edited several books and academic publications throughout his career.

Most recently, he is credited for laying the foundation for the college’s Shared Governance model through his membership on the Central Committee and Governance Council Steering Committee. He then served as Chair of the first Learning Council under the new structure.

Helped write the Title III grant that created the Lash Center for Teaching and Learning.

Throughout his time at Bristol, Howard has been the recipient of several awards at the college, including...

  • Sceptre and Scroll Award in 2001
  • U.S Community Colleges Professor of the year by the Carnegie Foundation and the American Council on Education in 2004
  • Last Lecture for the 2015 commencement
  • John & Suanne Roueche Excellence Award in 2018
  • Massachusetts Performance Recognition Program’s Commonwealth Citation for Outstanding Performance in 2020

This collaborative employee recognition program developed and implemented by the Staff Senate and the Faculty and Professional Staff Senate, recognizes all the hard work, innovation and dedication of our Bristol Employees. Nominations for the Bristol Bayhawk Victor can be submitted for any Bristol Employee by any college employee.

  • June 2021: Kayla Desrosiers, EDP Systems Analyst II, Information Technology Services
  • July 2021: Diane Forand, Coordinator of Instructional Technology, Online Learning
  • August 2021: Filomena Ponte, Human Resources Operations Specialist, Human Resources
  • September 2021: Ryan Menard, Associate Director, Strategic Analytics and Enterprise Systems
  • October 2021: Patricia Schryver, Associate Professor Nursing, Nursing
  • November 2021: Jessica Langlois, Reference Librarian, Library Learning Commons
  • December 2021: Constance Messier, Associate Professor Occupational Therapy Assistant program, Health Sciences
  • January 2022: Steven Rys, Assistant Director, Television Services
  • February 2022: Nicole Rondeau, Clerk III, New Bedford Campus
  • March 2022: Rebekah Senay, Clerk I, Taunton Campus
  • April 2022: Marie Collazo-Rivera, Administrative Assistant II, Library Learning Commons

The winners of the League Excellence Awards are recognized for their commitment to excellence in community college teaching and leadership. Each League Excellence Award recipient will receive a specially cast, pewter medallion and an Excellence Award certificate.

Denise DiMarzio, Professor of English/Commonwealth Honors Coordinator

Denise went above and beyond her position as Coordinator of the Honors Program by implementing a strong recruitment plan that increased the number of Bristol’s honors students and creating research opportunities for Honors students that have led to high quality student projects. She has also designed a new manual for Honors students which should lead to more students successfully completing the Honors program and graduating as Bristol’s Honors Students.

Marie Kacmarsky, Academic Coordinator, Nursing

Marie has gone above and beyond her role as Coordinator of Nursing Equity and Student Success by being the lead writer on three different grant proposals.

Sandy Lygren, Deaf Studies, Professor and Co-Coordinator | Credit for Prior Learning, Coordinator | World Languages Dept., Chair

Sandy went above and beyond her position of Coordinator of the Center for Prior Learning by designing a new manual for her CPL students, working to keep members of the Bristol Community more informed about both ASL and CPL, and for implementing a scholarship program to defray PLA costs.

Constance Messier, Associate Professor OTA

In response to the COVID 19 crisis, Constance went above and beyond her role as an Occupational Therapy Assistant faculty member by designing an online site where objectives, assignments and ideas for interventions could be shared with faculty and students.

Katie Ruggieri, Associate Dean of STEM

Dr. Ruggieri went above and beyond her job description through her leadership in winning major grants for her program and for her leadership in helping to build Dual Enrollment and Early College opportunities.

Jennifer Vincent, Registrar 

Jennifer’s work in the Registrar’s office has revolutionized the office and its relationship to the community. Jennifer has designed or re-imagined numerous processes in the Registrar’s office that have had a profound effect across the campus.

Pride in Performance is a statewide program where employees in state service are nominated by peers and supervisors for their extraordinary contributions to public service.  In a statewide ceremony that was held in March, Governor Charlie Baker congratulated the statewide Pride in Performance winners.

Citation for Outstanding Performance

Kate Ashworth, for her knowledge, patience and humor while moving the Adult Education program from face-to-face classes to remote teaching and learning in a short period of time.

Kevin Spirlet, for his service to Bristol Community College as a key communicator during the pandemic, which was one of the most challenging times for the college and throughout our communities.

Adult Education Advisors: This group was awarded for their support of and commitment to the Adult Education program’s students and staff during the pandemic.

  • Kate Ashworth
  • Angela Boffi
  • Lorie Charron
  • Kate Costantino
  • Trish Harvey

Marketing & Communications Team: This group was awarded for their thorough and thoughtful communication strategies to support the college throughout the pandemic.

  • Joyce Brennan
  • Andrea Fortier
  • Michael Lovice
  • Meridyth Pereira
  • Olivia Robinson
  • Kevin Spirlet
  • Keith Thibault
  • Linda Viveiros

Information Technology Services: This group was awarded for their service throughout the pandemic to ensure all students, faculty and staff had the technical assistance and equipment necessary to succeed.

  • Helene Costa
  • Kayla Desrosiers
  • Andrew Downing
  • Becky Ferraz
  • Scott Francis
  • Robert Griffiths
  • Paul Jefferson
  • John Malloy
  • Ryan Menard
  • Andrew Morrison
  • Ernest Nicholson
  • Eric Oldford
  • Jo-Ann Pelletier
  • Raymond Phillips
  • Marcelo Ruas
  • Jennifer Sousa
  • Erik Weldon
  • Mirela Voiculescu

Online Learning Team: This group was awarded for their tireless work moving courses online throughout the pandemic, while supporting faculty development and students new to online learning.

  • Dennis Baldwin
  • Diane Forand
  • Stefanie Gouveia
  • Asawnie Moorehouse
  • Michael Murphy
  • Tahais Real-Martins
    Susan Shannon

Recognizing Recent and/or Soon to be Retirees

  • Richard Andrade, Storekeeper III
  • Rosemary DeMello, EDP Entry Operator IV
  • Andrea Matthews, Professor of Nursing
  • Dr. Howard Tinberg, Professor of English 

Employees with years of service of 25 years and above have their names placed on the sculptures in the Recognition Garden.

The Recognition Garden is located next to the Grimshaw-Gudewicz Art Gallery and embodies stages of garden life. Each sculpture has a planter base with name plaques. The sculptures are: Sprout (symbolizing the Employee Recognition Program), Blossom and Flower (25 years), Leaves (30 years), Fruit (35 years), and Seed (40+ years).

55 Years of Service

  • Vance Westgate

45 Years of Service

  • Robert Caron
  • John Ventura

40 Years of Service

  • Joanne Carroll-Connor
  • George Crook
  • Diana Yohe

35 Years of Service

  • Shawn Elliott
  • Terry Gaspard
  • George Moniz
  • Ernest Nicholson
  • Suzanne R. Parent
  • Selma Riconscente
  • Suzanne St. Amour 

30 Years of Service

  • Juliet Amaral
  • Deborah Charette
  • J. Thomas Grady
  • Jane Horowiec
  • Richard Ironfield
  • Beatrice Lanzi
  • Diane Manson
  • Paula Mourato
  • Sandra Soares
  • Alan Ventetuolo
  • Janice Warren
  • Patricia Weisberger 

25 Years of Service

  • David Barnes
  • Jacqueline Barry
  • Gregory Conroy
  • Michael Costa
  • Michelle Kelly
  • Karen Medeiros
  • Marissa Millard
  • Robert Rak
  • Robert Rezendes
  • Stephen Rivard
  • Chrisanne Souza
  • Craig Watson 

20 Years of Service

  • Carlos Almeida
  • Ronald Audette
  • Ronnette Barros
  • Francis Cabral
  • William Camara
  • Mary Cass
  • Richard Costa
  • Michelle Dumais
  • Alan Gifford
  • Jeanne Girard
  • Henry Grace
  • Judith Hague
  • Stephen Hobin
  • Timothy Lifrak
  • Amy Marden
  • Carol Orphanides
  • Damra Pao
  • Paul Paquette
  • Donna Passman
  • Jose Pereira
  • Mary Anne Quick
  • Ana Ramos
  • Lorri Shankar
  • Sandra Sousa
  • Susan Souza-Mort
  • Harvey Ussach
  • Luis Villanueva

15 Years of Service

  • Angela Amaral
  • Christina Amore
  • Shelly Armstrong
  • Donna Ayala
  • Angela Boffi
  • Jayme Botelho
  • Lorie Charron
  • Jennifer Clifford
  • Pamela Colaneri
  • Patricia Cousineau
  • Jeffrey Craig
  • George Dimock
  • Donna Fernandes
  • Michael Fernandes
  • Susan Forman
  • Kevin Gallagher
  • Melissa Hammond
  • William Hoy
  • Igor Kholodov
  • Michael Marks
  • Zachary Martin
  • Gerard McCabe
  • James McGuire
  • Fonda McKnight
  • Michele Murphy
  • Deborah Palumbo
  • Wendy Pimentel
  • John Saurette
  • Rana Say
  • Linda Silvia
  • Jennifer Sousa
  • Patricia Strangis
  • Jenna Teixeira
  • Ana Torres
  • Thomas Vickery
  • Suzanne Wimberly

10 Years of Service

  • Jill Apicerno
  • Dennis Baldwin
  • Amanda Beaulieu-Smith
  • Peter Calo
  • Marie Collazo-Rivera
  • Joseph DaSilva
  • Jennifer Dekkers
  • Kayla Desrosiers
  • Jeffrey Erickson
  • Gale Estrella
  • Heather Harrison
  • Christine Houghton
  • Matthew Johnson
  • Patricio Jorge
  • Bonnie Kelley
  • Jordan Khoury
  • Stavroula Kulpa
  • Kathryn Lawton
  • Nickholas Mavrikidis
  • Ann Muller
  • Kimberly Newton
  • Eric Oldford
  • Patrick O’Malley
  • Stephanie O’Neill
  • John Previte
  • Natalie Short
  • Robert Spavento
  • Kevin Spirlet
  • Nathan Vaughan 

5 Years of Service

  • Ali Ahrabi
  • Christopher Amaral
  • Carolyn Blum
  • Joyce Brennan
  • Lucille Cabral
  • Katherine Costantino
  • Andrea Fortier
  • Alyssa Frezza
  • Lynette Gomes
  • Nicole Hall
  • Debbie-Ann Hibbert
  • Cara Houde
  • Edward Karle
  • Benjamin Lefevre
  • Judith Lima
  • Kaitlyn Litwinetz
  • Daniel Merline
  • Devon Mesler
  • Manal Mogawer
  • Maria Pacheco
  • Ryan Perry
  • Tania Picard
  • J. Chrystal Puniello
  • Erica Roemhild
  • Bonnie Salisbury
  • Shannon Savoy
  • Loren Simao
  • Joseph Travis