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Commonwealth Honors Program

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Kimberly Amaral Newton
Commonwealth Honors Program Coordinator



The list of honors course offerings is always being improved to meet the needs of our CHP students in a variety of programs. Below is a list of the courses and seminars available for the upcoming semester:

COM 104 - Fundamentals of Public Speaking

Professor Joyce Fernandes | Hybrid in Fall River

Discover the public speaker in you. Learn how to speak like a leader while studying the secrets of the greatest speakers in history. Experience the joy of creating and producing a broadcast interview in our college television studio. Practice delivering oral presentations in a safe and supportive environment. Techniques to address public speaking apprehension, critical thinking, information literacy, technology skills, verbal and nonverbal communication, and active listening are included in this dynamic course. Prerequisite: A passing score on the College's Reading and English placement tests; or C or better or concurrent enrollment in ENG 091 or ENG 092. Hybrid meeting select Thursdays (January 19, February 2, February 16, March 2, March 23, April 6, April 20 and May 4) 11 a.m - 1:40 p.m., Fall River.

Register for: COM 104.HON CRN# 15035 
(Note: “Fundamentals of Public Speaking” was formerly COM 101. If your program requires “Fundamentals of Public Speaking,” you should now register for COM 104.)

ENG 102 - Composition II: Writing About Literature 

Professor Debra Anderson | Face-to-Face in Fall River

Do you ever wonder how writers come up with their stories or why two people can read the same poem and interpret it in different ways? These are just a couple of the questions we explore in Honors Composition II. In this course we will read diverse literary texts, most of which are contemporary or deal with contemporary themes. Class time is spent discussing and writing about these texts as we consider multiple lenses through which to see them. A unique feature is monthly visits from local authors who talk with us about their work and experience as published fiction writers, poets and playwrights. All course materials are free and available online. Prerequisite: ENG 101. Mondays and Wednesdays, 9:30 - 10:45 a.m., Fall River.

Register for: ENG 102.HON CRN# 11633

HST 114 - U.S. History after 1877

Professor Robyn Worthington | Fully Online

With the recent decision of the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade, more Americans have been thinking about the ways that the court impacts the rights of U.S. citizens and society at large. In this fully online course, we will examine U.S. History from 1877 through the lens of landmark Supreme Court cases to discover how the court has shaped the nation we live in today. Together we will assess how the power of the court has affected civil rights, justice, free speech, voting rights, freedom of religion, due process of law, and more. This course will use only free materials easily accessible online. Prerequisite: A passing score on the college's reading and writing placement tests or, C or better or concurrent enrollment in ENG 091 or ENG 092.

Register for: HST 114 A5W CRN# 10342

HUM 264 - Remembering the Holocaust in Literature and History

Dr. Howard Tinberg  & Dr. Ron Weisberger | Face-to-Face in Fall River

The Holocaust, or, as it has come to be known, the Shoah, is one of the most horrific events in all of world history. Even more than 50 years after the fact, the world continues to struggle with the enormity of this human catastrophe. Nevertheless, a body of writing--both historical and literary--exists that enables us to confront this key moment in world history. This course serves as an introduction to this work. Students gain an understanding of the historical facts, including circumstances leading up to the Holocaust itself and the event's critical aftermath. In addition, students reflect on the role of various written genres, principally through accounts of that time written by survivors and the children of survivors in the struggle to represent an event that many have described as beyond the limits of language to capture. Prerequisites: ENG 101 and ENG 102. Open to Commonwealth Honors Program students and others with permission of instructors. Thursdays, 4 - 6:40 p.m., Fall River

Register for: HUM 264.HON CRN# 10228

SOC 258 - Honors Seminar THE CLIMATE CRISIS:  10 Years Left to Get It Right!

Dr NancyLee Wood | Online Synchronous

This Honors Seminar presents an overview of the fundamental environmental crises, impacts, and opportunities confronting humankind in the face of climate change, resource depletions, biodiversity loss, and societal collapse. Eclectic in its approach and coordinated with tenets of the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030, this seminar focuses on social-structural conditions driving ecological deterioration; fossil fuel constraints and energy disruptions; population swells and urbanization; environmental refugees and limits to Earth's carrying capacity; environmentally-based national and transnational conflicts; the rise of emerging pathogens and diseases; and a systems analysis of societal complexity and breakdown. Throughout the seminar, sustainability strategies are presented that foster resilience including post-industrialized agricultural systems; reforestation and afforestation programs; urban ecological restorations; bio-regionalism as political-economic entities; population reduction and stabilization; renewable energy resources; transformative education and employment required for an eco-friendly New Economy; transitioning from the current unlimited growth paradigm to an emerging sustainable steady-state paradigm. Open to Commonwealth Honors Program students and others with permission of instructor. Wednesdays, 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. online

Register for: SOC 258.HON CRN# 14402

HON 260 - Culminating Honors Project

Professor Kimberly Amaral Newton | Online Synchronous

This one-credit honors experience is open only to students in the Bristol Honors Program and should be taken during the student’s final semester. A student develops project activities and objectives with a faculty mentor who oversees the project. A contract describing the project must be submitted to the Honors Program for approval. Students are encouraged to present honors projects at appropriate conferences. Each culminating honors project will be unique, focusing on an area of particular interest to the individual student. The number of class meetings per week will vary by contract. Prerequisite: current enrollment in the Honors Program. Tuesdays, 2 - 3:15 p.m., online.

Register for: HON 260.B01 CRN# 10812

HON 260 is required for all Honors students who will graduate in May 2023.

Who can sign up for Honors Courses?

100-level Honors courses are now open to any students who wish to try them, provided they meet the course pre-requisites.

Students already accepted into Honors may take any Honors course or seminar.

Please check additional prerequisites for each course as noted.

Any questions?

Please contact the CHP Coordinator at to have an individualized honors pathway constructed for your degree.