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The English as a Second Language program at Bristol provides students with an academic ESL course of study. This program prepares students to use English in contexts required to transition into more advanced-level college course work or other college programs.

Each course in the ESL program meets specific outcomes to progressively build English language proficiency. Students are placed into appropriate courses according to their English-language ability level as determined by the ESL or college placement test. Students completing the ESL program may receive a Certificate of Completion.

College Placement Testing

We highly recommend that you contact the ESL program coordinator for a consultation to determine whether it would be beneficial for you to take the ESL Accuplacer test prior to taking the College Accuplacer Test. 

Book an appointment with the ESL Program Coordinator here.

The ESL placement test is a version of the Accuplacer test that measures student proficiency in the English language. It is structured to recognize “ESL markers” and determine whether a student would benefit from intermediate or advanced ESL academic courses prior to enrolling in degree or certificate program courses at Bristol Community College.

  • If you choose to take the ESL Accuplacer test first, you can request the test HERE. If your test results indicate that you have demonstrated proficiency in English grammar, reading, writing, communication skills, you will receive instructions on how to request a regular Accuplacer test. 
  • If you choose to take the regular Accuplacer test first, you may request a placement test HERE.

If your test results indicate a low score in English and reading and:

A. English is not your first language and/or
B. You completed high school at a foreign institution,

You will be referred to the ESL program coordinator and will be encouraged to take the ESL Accuplacer Test.

The ESL program coordinator can be reached at 774.357.2476 or at

Book an appointment with the ESL Program Coordinator here.

ESL Course Work

As an ESL student, you will be offered intermediate and/or advanced level classes in reading and vocabulary, writing, grammar, and conversation.

Before entering the program, you will meet with the College’s ESL Skills Specialist to take a placement test. This test will help determine which level of ESL is right for you.

Academic Support Services

You are encouraged to spend at least one hour a week in Academic Support using pronunciation and writing skills software programs, typing and printing essays, conducting research, and working with our staff of qualified tutors. Free ESL tutoring is offered on the Bristol Fall River and New Bedford Campuses.

ESL prepares you in intermediate and/or advanced levels of:

  • English Grammar
  • English Vocabulary & Reading Skills
  • English Writing Skills
  • English Conversation

Financial Aid

If you are already enrolled in a degree or certificate program at Bristol, you may be eligible to receive Financial Aid for your ESL courses.

For more information, visit Bristol's Financial Aid page or call 774.357.2515.