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Conversation Partner Program

The Conversation Partner Program is set up through the ESL program to pair students who are non-native speakers of English. Teaming up these students will help them learn about American culture and study the English language with American students, faculty, or staff. This program is free and some of the benefits include:

  • Practice in normal, ordinary conversation skills
  • Learning about cultural practices and differences
  • Improvement of skills in listening and speaking

American Culture Seminars

The American Culture Seminars offer a series of sessions of varied topics related to living in the American Culture. The idea is to help international students learn all of the opportunities offered from living America. Some of the sessions held in previous years were:

  • Socializing in America
  • Flag Etiquette
  • Health Services 
  • Counseling and Navigating Education: From K-College

The International Club

The International Club is open to all Bristol students interested in the cultures, languages, and traditions of other nations. The club brings together people from varied backgrounds and helps provide special support to the hopes and dreams of the local and foreign international student community.

The International Club is one of the largest student-run clubs at Bristol. Originally, the club was established to provide support for Bristol’s growing number and diversity of foreign students and to promote awareness, understanding, and appreciation of foreign cultures within the school community.

The club hosts events such as Map Day, International Festival, and Thanksgiving Dinner to promote the diversity on campus as well as fund-raising activities in addition to participating in community service events such as the Mobile Food Bank.