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Bristol Community College recognizes that, it may be necessary to bring children on campus based on your current circumstance. The college does not prohibit you from bringing your children on campus as long as they are under your supervision at all times. In the event that it is not possible for them to be under your direct supervision, then an adult friend or adult guardian should be designated to ensure their supervision. However, college staff and faculty members responsible for specific college activities and reserve the right to exclude infants and children from that area when it is in the interest of health, safety, college operations, and the educational process. (For example, children are not permitted in an academic class.)

Bristol Community College will not be responsible for the care and supervision of unattended children. Campus Police will be asked to locate and return the child to the custody of the parent and or legal guardian. In the event that the parent and or guardian cannot be located, then the proper authorities will be notified.

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