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Bristol’s Business Fast Track to UMass Dartmouth

Earn both an associate and a bachelor’s degree in business in three years. 

A four-year degree in three.

This is a full-time, year-round program designed so you can earn your degrees in less time. This three-year pathway can help you achieve your goals faster, whether your next step is graduate school or a career. 

Accelerated schedule. Worthwhile commitment. 

Earning your degree in three years requires a full-time, year-round course load and well-prepared students who are motivated to work at an accelerated pace. It is also ideal for students who may have already earned some college credit through dual enrollment or prior learning. Use your fourth year to enter your career early or earn a master’s degree. In fact, with UMass Dartmouth’s accelerated MBA program, you could walk away with an associate, bachelor’s and master’s degree in 4 years total. 

Your Schedule at Bristol

Summer 1 Fall 1 Spring
ENG 101 BSU 251 ENG 102
  HST 111 HST 112
  CIS 111 ACC 101
  MAN 101 ECN 111
  MTH 131 PSY 101
Summer 2 Fall 2  
ACC 102 AST 112  
MAR 101 ECN 112  
AST 111 MTH 252  
MTH 251 COM 218  
  ACC 257  

Low cost. High quality.

An affordable, high-quality education is within reach with this unique program. Bristol and UMass Dartmouth have a long-standing reputation for providing a great education both inside and outside the classroom. You’ll have access to internships and other experiential learning opportunities, student clubs, athletics and more. It’s the most affordable way to get an education that will take you far after graduation. 

Better together.

This program was carefully crafted to help you earn your degree more quickly and ensure that the credits you earn at Bristol seamlessly transfer to UMass. This means that after following this program for 18 months at Bristol, you’ll arrive at UMass Dartmouth as a junior – and be on your way to graduate with a degree in business administration within another 18 months. You can choose from any one of their business concentrations that interests you. 

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