Support Our Students: Establish a Scholarship or Program Fund

Access, inclusion, and opportunity are key priorities here at Bristol Community College. To that end, we are committed supporting our students with scholarship funds that enable them to minimize the burden of college debt so that they can focus on opportunities to learn and shape their futures. You can be part of ensuring that our students thrive, not only while they are here at Bristol, but beyond throughout their lives. If you would like to establish a scholarship, we have three giving options for your consideration:

  1. Student Scholarships: With a gift of $1,000 or greater, you can establish a named scholarship, monies from which can be directly and fully dispersible to support students’ annual tuition needs.
  2. Bristol Program Funds: Across Bristol’s Programs, Departments, and Student Centers, your gift of $1,000 or greater will support faculty, staff, and resources that directly impact our students’ success.
  3. Permanently Endowed Named Fund: With a gift of $15,000 or greater, you can establish a permanently endowed fund that can support either student scholarships or college programs, departments or centers. Your initial gift, combined with other donations that may be added to it, will be managed by the Bristol Community College Foundation’s investment advisors. One year after its initial establishment, and in perpetuity thereafter, annual interest and gains from your endowed gift will be used to support your designated area of interest.

For more information about establishing a scholarship or program fund, please contact Chief Advancement Officer, Judi Urquhart, at 774.357.2235 or