About AIPD

Academic Innovation and Professional Development is an area of Academic Affairs which was formed in 2019 and supports the mission of Bristol Community College in a variety of ways.

AIPD currently includes: Lash Center for Teaching and Learning, Institutional Assessment, College Success Seminars, General Studies (no concentration), Bristol’s Resilience Grant, and Bristol’s Title III Pathways Grant.


Academic Innovation and Professional Development (AIPD) is an Academic Area serving members of Bristol who are connected to the facilitation of learning. Highly collaborative in nature, AIPD supports Bristol’s strategic initiatives through innovative practices, resource allocation, and project management resulting in sustainable best practices.


  • Ensures compliance with grant objectives.
  • Provides the college community with a wide array of professional development opportunities in support of the institution's mission statement and strategic priorities.
  • Investigates best practices in assessment frameworks to support processes of educational effectiveness. 
  • Develops structures that provide support for student goal attainment. 
  • Supports the work of Faculty Fellows in developing and disseminating resources for faculty, as well as professional development opportunities. 
  • Identifies synergy in the wide range of innovative initiatives across Bristol.