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Action Steps

The sections below provide information about specific activities you will engage in over the course of your year teaching. A spreadsheet connecting these activities to specific times of the semester is available here.

Submitting Class Schedules

  • Full-Time: Each semester (fall and spring), faculty receive a preferred course form and scheduling grid from their deans. Upon completion, these forms are returned to the dean for approval. 
  • Adjunct: The teaching availability form can be found here and should be completed accordingly: spring & summer surveys may be submitted between August 15 and September 30, while fall & winter surveys may be submitted between January 15 and February 15. 

Course Assignment

Accepting your course offer(s)

When you are offered a course, you will be emailed information about the offer including the course sections and modalities, along with a form letter asking for some additional information. The email will look something like the following: 

Please find your tentative teaching appointment below for [date]. Please email [relevant admin] within 10 days of today's date to confirm your acceptance of this offer. When you reply, indicate which of the following types of course materials you anticipate using:

    1. Textbook(s) and/or courseware with Bookstore cost over $50 
    2. Textbook(s) and/or courseware with Bookstore $50 or less (OERL in Banner) 
    3. OER Textbook and/or other OER or Open Access materials available at no cost, such as links to online books or articles from the LLC databases (OERN in Banner) 
    4. No textbook or additional course materials (OERN in Banner) 

Locating your Classroom/Requesting Lab Space

To locate your classroom, log into Access, Faculty Services, and click on “Faculty Detail Schedule.” There you will find meeting times and locations. Virtual Tours of the Campus can be found here.

Locating your Online Course Space

Whether in person, online, or hybrid, each class you teach will also have an online course space in Online Campus

Book Orders

Each semester, faculty submit book orders for each assigned class through Follett Discover on the Online Learning homepage. Faculty can indicate OER materials within Follett Discover. If faculty are not using textbooks, please contact the division dean for procedures. 

Submit Syllabus 

By the end of the first week of classes, faculty must submit a syllabus for each assigned course. Currently, only the DE-1 is available in the dynamic forms dashboard because all courses are considered Distance Education. You can submit your syllabus information in your myBristol Portal.  

You must also check and fill out your DE-1 checklist for your online course materials. It is available on myBristol in the Faculty/Staff section. 

Enrollment Verification 

Within the first two weeks of the semester, faculty receive an email from the Registrar’s Office requesting the completion of enrollment verification forms for each course offering. Log into myBristol to access the form. A YES confirms the student’s enrollment and participation; a NO confirms the student never attended or stopped attending within the enrollment verification period. Accurate and timely enrollment verification is critical for: 

  • Financial aid disbursements and refund check issuance 
  • Accurate rosters and headcounts for emergency preparedness 
  • Mandated reporting to the National Student Clearinghouse and National Student Loan Database. 

Add/Drop and Withdrawal

Students have seven days from the start of the semester to add into a class if there is space or they receive approval from the instructor if the class is full. Students have two weeks from the start of the semester to drop a class. After this period, enrollment verification begins (see above). 

Students are responsible for withdrawing officially if they stop attending any or all classes. A grade of “F” will be assigned to any student who stops attending a course but does not officially withdraw. Withdrawals are accepted until the tenth week of classes of a 14-week semester or an equivalent amount of class time for shorter duration courses (refer to the Academic Calendar for student-generated withdrawal dates).  

Mid-Term Report (Recommended)

Help identify students who may need additional assistance by forwarding unsatisfactory grades to the registrar’s office via myBristol. Mid-semester grades are not permanent and do not become part of the student’s academic record. They are used to direct academic assistance to students who need it and to improve the retention of our students. 

Final Grade Link

Within 72 hours of the last day of class, faculty need to report final grades. Log into myBristol and the final grade submission form is located under the Faculty tab. 


Academic and Meetings Calendars are both located on the Academic Affairs page.

Bristol Policies for Faculty

Bristol has a number of safety policies connected to our classrooms and lab spaces. These documents are being collected in the Lab and Safety Policies and will be updated as needed.