Reviews allow the College to assess the overall effectiveness of its programs and, as a result, these reviews provide a basis for modifying programs, establishing new programs, and allocating resources. Because Bristol is committed to building a narrative that is inclusive and comprehensive of the student experience, Academic Affairs, Student Services and Enrollment Management along with several operational non-student-centered departments engage in the review process. 

The review is an ongoing process over a course of 6-years and builds on top of the previous year’s deliverables. Reviews should support conclusions about programs using specific data on student success of learning outcomes and the effectiveness of programs within and beyond classroom learning. They are grounded in several best practices and frameworks. During the six-year period between years, departments conduct assessment projects which support SMART goals and yield actionable plans to improve practice. At the end of each year, departments summarize their findings using a template that focuses on the current year deliverables and additional assessment initiatives outside the review process.

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Influenced by: Lane Community College and The Council for the Advancement of Higher Education Standards.