• Program Mission Statement
  • Program Goals (optional)
  • Program Learning Outcomes
  • Enrollment | Retention | Student Goal Attainment
  • HIPs-A return to Curriculum Maps 
  • Open Education Resources

The Goal: To ensure that program [and discipline] curriculum provides appropriate conditions for student achievement of intended program [and discipline] learning outcomes (Palomba & Banta, 1999).

There are six steps to complete year one of the Program Review. Please reference the Year 1 document for expanded definitions, guidance and resources. 

Snapshot of Deliverables:

An abridged version of the Instruction Guide.

Instruction Guide:

This document offers a step by step guide “how to” steps to complete year one deliverables.


Blooms Taxonomy and Writing Student Learning Outcomes

Why College Textbooks Are So Expensive

An Introduction to Open Educational Resources

Enrollment, Persistence & Graduation Data

(Data for the last 3 Academic years - some data may include the current year if available)




Mapping Template 

Dynamic Forms for Curriculum Changes

Data Request Form

Program Review Annual Report

Sample Deliverables: