Bristol Community College offers you hundreds of choices of programs and courses. So matching what you want to do with what Bristol has to offer can be overwhelming.

You're not in it alone. 

Connect with the Bristol Advising team and tell them where you want your education to take you. Our team of academic advisors will take it from there. 

Advising at Bristol works in collaboration with the entire College community, faculty and staff, to promote your success. 

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Advising Hours

Request an Advising Appointment. Make an appointment at any Bristol Advising location by clicking here.

  • Fall River Advising Schedule: January 2020 - Fall River
  • New Bedford Advising Schedule: January 2020 - New Bedford
  • Attleboro Advising by appointment only - Call 774.357.3527 to make an appointment
  • Taunton Center Advising by appointment only - Call 774.357.3767 to make an appointment