Student Clubs

Student Clubs

Student Clubs

There are dozens of student run organizations on campus dedicated to having fun, making friends, and connecting to your education.

It doesn't matter if you're just looking for a hobby in between classes, or something that you can put on your resume: there is something for everyone at Bristol.

Student Clubs Listings

Astrophysics Society at Bristol

The Astrophysics Society offers students, staff, faculty, and the community the opportunity to explore beyond the classroom and delve into the vastness of space and the intricate mathematics behind many of the most remarkable astronomical and cosmological discovers of known history. The Astrophysics club is known for its monthly Star Parties which bring the stars and infinite darkness of space to light. Visit the Astrophysics Society on Facebook

The Black Student Union (BSU)

Welcome to the Bristol Community College’s BSU's page. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our club.

The BSU strives to provide a quality educational experience by taking active measures toward fostering and enriching the environment for Black students. Whether you need assistance in financial issues, cultural awareness, social engagement, or academic assistance, we can point you in the right direction.

If you want to represent culture, meet new people with unique ideas and have fun, BSU is the place to be.

Contact and meeting information

Executive Board



Club Theatre

To enjoy and learn about and experience Theatre in a safe inclusive environment.


The purpose of the Bristol Communication Club is to engage students to become more involved with the college experience. While serving as a communication hub for all of our Bristol Community College peers and student groups.

As well as conduct Training & Recruitment of Social Media Ambassadors to convey the soul of Bristol Community College on any and all social media platforms.

Educators' Club

Learning to Grow, Growing to Learn.

Through community participation we give, receive, and learn ways of being in a global community.
 Join us in a fun-filled year of new
learning and opportunity!

For more information on the Educators' Club, contact Ravitha Amarasingham by email at or by phone at 774.357.2593.

HERO - The LGBTQIA+ club at Bristol

HERO is an acronym that stands for “Helping Educate Regarding Orientation” and we are the LGBTQIA+ club at Bristol Community College. We are a safe and judgment free space where individuals are able to express oneself, connect, and learn about the LGBTQIA+ community through discussions, fun campus events, and more! 

Email us at

HERO Club on Facebook.

International Club

To support students from diverse cultural backgrounds and help them adjust to the American culture.

Additionally, the club promotes inclusion and encourages unity and collaboration amongst different cultures.

Law Club

The Law Club’s goal is to bring together students with similar interests to socialize and support one another.

Our goal is also to have more academic events, speakers, networking and study groups.

Photography Club

The Bristol Photography Club meets every Friday from 1-4 p.m. in room K232 on the Fall River Campus. For more information contact Temi at 774.520.8145 or Yuri at 774.849.8922.

Radio Club

Enhance the communication skills of students through the hosting & production of radio programming. Provide an outlet for student expression.

RSUS - Republican Students United Society:

The RSUS is not simply a club focused on Republican/Conservative values. We strive to develop an open and fascinating dialogue between the major political parties on our campus. The club was founded with the intention of providing a safe environment for all parties to come together and understand what true Republican values are. Since the RSUS's conception it has developed into a club aimed at raising voter/non-voter awareness of the current political climate and urges unregistered persons to register to vote. We lastly offer weekly current event debates at all meetings and any topic is welcome.

Republican Students United Society on Facebook

Seeds of Sustainability

To advocate and educate for a sustainable life style through workshops; speakers; and public outreach events and materials.

Seeds of Sustainability on Facebook

Email President Aaron Chism at


To promote knowledge of an expand interest in the STEM fields within the community and college.

The STEM Club will actively conduct and host activities within the community to promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

TableTop Association

Do you enjoy tabletop games such as D&D, Magic the Gathering, or any of the hundreds of games available at your local game store? Come on down to the Bristol Community College Tabletop Gaming Association, meeting on the Attleboro Campus.

The Christian Fellowship Club

The Christian Fellowship Club is a group of people who want to study the Bible and learn more about Jesus. We meet in the cafeteria, and the meeting day and time can be found displayed on the TVs throughout campus.

All are welcome to join—if you aren’t a Christian but would like to learn more about the faith, please check us out.

The Dental Hygiene Club

The Dental Hygiene Club is the Student Chapter of the American Dental Hygienists’ Association. Our mission is to improve the public’s total health to advance the art and science of Dental Hygiene.

By participating in community outreach events we educate the public about the importance of oral health. We also sponsor fundraisers to support our attendance at professional conferences. To be a member you must be enrolled in the Dental Hygiene Program as a Dental Hygiene student.

For more information on the Dental Hygiene Club, contact Trisha Cloutier at or by phone at 774.357.2143.

The Press Club

The Press Club aims to connect Bristol students with various events on campus. It is also a forum for students to share information about needs and desires for the campus to enhance students' experience on all campuses.

It is a forum to share current events with the student body, faculty and staff, allowing the students to have open dialogues on events and news in today’s society. The Press Club works closely with the student newspaper THE HAWK.