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‌Career Services is eager to partner with Bristol faculty and staff to enhance students’ career education. Consider engaging with Career Services in one or more of the following ways:

Refer Students to Career Services

We offer students many tools and resources to help them through the career development process. We encourage you to refer your students to us for:

  • Resume support
  • Job Fair opportunities
  • Individual Career coaching

“I am convinced after viewing my revised cover letter and resume that you are a magician and I am in awe of you. You brought in all of the information that I had provided to you, simplified it, and made it into something I would be proud to submit to a potential employer. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for seeing me for who I am.”
-Alicia R. '99

Students can contact us by email at or by phone at 774.357.2959.

Share Employer Contacts

Employers are often interested in engaging directly with faculty and existing curriculum. Career Services staff are happy to refer employers to faculty and hope faculty will also refer them to Career Services! Referring an employer to Career Services encourages them to consider Bristol as a resource to find talent. They have the ability to post jobs, participate in job fairs, set up a recruitment table, or work with Career Services staff to organize a presentation, conduct on-campus interviews, and more.

Attend Career Events

Career Services welcomes faculty and staff to all recruiting events as an opportunity to network with employers and to see students in action. Upcoming events are listed on our Events and Workshops Calendar.

Focus 2 Career Assessment Tool

Focus 2 is the primary career assessment tool for students. It can help students select a major based their interests and aspirations, discover occupations that match their personal preferences, map out career plans and make informed decisions. 

We invite you to watch the video tour for students, below. 

New Focus 2 Module: Am I Career Ready? The new module is based on the NACE Career Readiness Competencies and is now Live in your Focus 2 Career account! We suggest you view the recorded video tour or join a live webinar to learn more about using the new module, customizing options and running detailed reports.

Assign Career Development Activities

Career Services in the Classroom

Career Services has created a list of resources and materials for you to easily share with your students in the classroom.

Here are some scenarios on how faculty can use Career Services resources in their classrooms:

Explore jobs with a specific major

  • The College Central Network (CCN) has a Document Library to assist with career exploration and research.
    • Go to CCN and click on Career Document Library > Career Exploration & Research > Career Exploration Tools. 

College Central Network logo

College Central Network

College Central Network (CCN) serves as Bristol’s primary access point to opportunities, resources and tools for identifying, preparing for, and pursuing career goals. It provides access to jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities and a broad range of tools and resources that support a full range of career planning and job search needs. CCN is available to all students, alumni and faculty.

Students have been pre-registered for College Central Network, they simply need to Activate their Account the first time they go to the page.

Support Resume Writing Basics

  • College Central Network has sample resumes to view by major.
    • Visit CCN and click on: Dashboard > My Resume > Resume Builder.
    • View sample chronological resumes by major so that students have a visual to use when creating their resumes.
  • Upload resume to CCN.
    • Once the student has completed a resume, they can upload it and a Career Coach will review it.

Career Readiness

  • College Central Network has several downloadable career guides and podcasts on a broad range of topics, including interview preparation.
    • Go to CCN and click on ‘Career Document Library’ to view career articles.
    • On the Dashboard, click on Career Podcasts to also view podcasts.

More In-Classroom Activities

Remember, we are here to help!

Our staff is here to assist and support you. We are available by email,, and via phone 774.357.2959 if you have any questions or need help getting started. The above are a few easy examples of infusing career readiness into your classroom.