Disability Services is here to meet your needs, regardless of your disability. We offer individualized support and creative solutions to make sure you get the college experience you want and expect.

Utilizing different technologies and strategies in and out of the classroom, your disability will not stand in the way of your learning experience at Bristol.

Services for Different Disabilities

Reasonable accommodations for students are determined on an individual basis. The following are some of the more frequently requested accommodations and services:

  • Extended Time on Tests
  • Reduced Distraction Testing area/room
  • Recording of Lecture
  • American Sign Language Interpreters
  • Copies of Instructional Notes
  • C-Print Captionist
  • Textbooks in Alternative format
  • Assistive Technology
  • Reader
  • Scribe
  • Accessible seating arrangements

Assistive Technology (AT)

Disability Services works in conjunction with the Assistive Technology Lab to offer access to a wide variety of assistive technology. Students receive recommendations for appropriate equipment as well as training and support while using the equipment. Click here for information about Bristol's Assistive Technology lab.

In order to access the AT lab, students must:

  1. Register with Disability Services.
  2. Meet with the assistive technology staff to discuss which form of technology would be most appropriate.
  3. Complete training or demonstrate competency on a piece of assistive technology. Some available technology at the AT Lab can be seen by clicking here. 

Service Animals

Bristol Community College generally permits service animals assisting individuals with disabilities in all facilities maintained by the College. Therefore, an individual with a disability shall be permitted to be accompanied by his/her service animal in all areas of the College’s facilities where members of the public are permitted. The College reserves the right to impose restrictions on the use of service animals on its property in order to maintain safety or to avoid disruption of College operations.

For questions about service animals and their permittance on campus, contact Disability Services at 774.357.2955.

View the Bristol Community College Service Animal Policy.

Transition to College Information

There are a number of tools and sources of information available to assist students with disabilities at Bristol:

Disability-Related Absences

Click below to download information regarding disability-related absences. 


Disability-Related Absences