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Tech Team

777 Elsbree Street
Fall River, MA 02720
A Building
Mon - Fri: 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.



Fall River Campus

Open student labs include the Community Computing Center (K130), the Learning Resources Center (A), and The Rodgers Cyber Café (A).  Dedicated labs for Art and Design, Computer Science, Nursing, and Engineering and Mathematics are located in several locations throughout the campus.   

Computer labs available for student use:

A - Eileen T. Farley Learning Resources Center

  • Rodgers Cyber Café
  • Lobby Area
  • Lower Level

B - Engineering Building

  • B111 - Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Lab
  • B201 – Computer Aided Design (CAD) Lab

K - Business Technology Building

  • K101 – General Purpose Teaching Lab
  • K102 - Accounting/General Purpose Teaching Lab
  • K103 – General Purpose Teaching Lab
  • K104 - Game Development Lab
  • K105 - Networking Lab
  • K116 - Office Administration/Technology Lab
  • K118 – General Purpose Teaching Lab
  • K130 - Community Computing Center
  • K205 – General Purpose Teaching Lab

L - Science and Mathematics Building

  • L104 – Developmental Mathematics Lab
  • L205 – Computer Assisted Mathematics Lab
  • L206 – Computer Assisted Mathematics Lab
  • L220 – Mathematics Lab 

New Bedford Campus

The New Bedford campus’s 188 Union Street location has open computer stations in the Library, room NS164.

The New Bedford Campus’s 800 Purchase Street location has open computer stations available for student use in the Academic Support Center, room NH118 and the Student Lounge, room NH103.  The following general purpose teaching labs are located at 800 Purchase Street:

  • NH315 – General Purpose Teaching Lab
  • NH328 – General Purpose Teaching Lab
  • NH401 – General Purpose Teaching Lab
  • NH402 – General Purpose Teaching Lab 

Attleboro Campus

The Attleboro Campus has open computer stations available in the Library, room AT107 and in the Tutoring and Academic Support Center, room AT207.

The following general purpose computer labs are located at the Attleboro Campus:

  • AT117 – General Purpose Teaching Lab
  • AT118 – General Purpose Teaching Lab 

Taunton Center

Taunton Center has open computer stations available in the Library, room TG134 and in the Learning Commons, room TG135.  A general purpose computer lab is available for student use when not being used for classes.  See the posted computer lab schedule for more information on open lab times.

  • TG102 – General Purpose Teaching Lab
  • TG103 – General Purpose Teaching Lab
  • TG104 – General Purpose Teaching Lab
  • TG106 – General Purpose Teaching Lab