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If there was ever a time for our college to invent its future and develop a blueprint, it would be today. Higher education, like many other industries in our nation, was already experiencing incredible levels of disruption prior to the pandemic. Some of the forces that are causing this disruption include the high cost of college, increases in student debt, changing student demographics, the perceived value of a college education and new credentialing that competes with traditional college degrees. Now, more than ever, Bristol Community College needs to build a strong foundation for all students centered on equity with an emphasis on outcomes. The development of our plan during this historic time will only strengthen our institution and further solidify our role as a vital part of our region.

Four Key Strategies:

In the Fall of 2019, the Strategic Planning Committee started the development of Bristol’s 2020-2024 Strategic Plan. After an extensive data collection effort, we started the Spring semester with the Future Summit. Next, we offered two workshops in which participants drafted four strategies:


Strategic Plan 2020-2024

View the Strategic Plan in its entirety below:

Strategic Planning Environmental Scan Report

Community colleges must anticipate trends, respond to changes in the communities they serve, and remain agile to facilitate strategic transformation, when necessary, to serve those communities. This environmental scan provides the basis for organization-wide discussions regarding the future of the institution. When used as a complement to the strategic planning process, it helps to focus conversations, speak from the “same page,” and better define the level of uncertainty in the external environment that will ultimately impact Bristol Community College. This report is meant to serve as a starting point; CampusWorks provided key themes for discussion with the intention that Bristol’s Strategic Planning Committee would continue to help gather the as much feedback as possible, engage the entire college community in the work of strategic planning, and provide recommendations that cumulatively emerge from the College’s work in addition to this report.

View the Report HERE.


Student Experience Statement

Created in collaboration with the college community and serving as a reflection of thoughts from our existing student body and staff. See the Statement on the Mission, Vision & Values page.