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Share responsibility for the success of our students and employees by improving equity-mindedness and ensuring institutional support that closes equity gaps.

Bristol’s commitment to close equity gaps will be at the forefront of our work and will be infused into everything we do. Bristol has made some strides in closing these gaps, but with shifting demographics in our region, paired with a decline of high school graduation rates, it is imperative that Bristol continues to ensure equitable access to both effective educational practices and welcoming and inclusive campus climates.

This strategy will support us in our work to dive deeper into what equity is and what equitable access means for the region’s population. It will require us to shift our perspectives and review our current practices, better understand our students’ needs and change our processes to continue to meet our students where they are. This work will span across all areas of the college and will require a dedication of resources to ensure all students have the support needed to successfully complete their education at Bristol.

View the downloadable Equity & Student Success Action Plan HERE.

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