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Collaborate with educational institutions, alumni, industry and community partners to increase educational attainment and support the talent pipeline to enhance opportunities in the region.

This strategy will be an integral part of ensuring both credit and non-credit program growth at the college. Our data show that working with area employers to provide necessary training enhances student competitiveness and is instrumental in ensuring economic growth in the region. These partnerships provide valuable information that will allow Bristol to strengthen our programs and create richer learning opportunities for our students.

Working with our area high schools and middle schools will allow us to provide students with more pathways to college and data about job growth and opportunities available to them. Bristol will serve an important role in closing the gaps that exist among workforce training, key soft-skills training and college readiness by increasing the desire of our area high school students to achieve a higher education and to become an integral part of the talent pipeline that will feed our region for years to come.

View the downloadable Partnerships Action Plan HERE.

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