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Information Technology Services

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All of these forms (except the work-study) are initiated by your supervisor and use an HR/ITS system to manage who reports to whom at Bristol.

If you are filling out a form and your employee is not listed you will need to contact HR to have them assign that user to you before you can proceed with these forms.

Computer and Telephone Request Forms:

New/Changed Employee - Computer, Telephone, Email Groups, and Network Shares
This form is the computer, phone, and email/groups, and network shares part of the form.

New/Changed Work-study/Student Part-time - Computer, Telephone, Email Groups,
and Network Shares
If you need a work-study account or have a student who is working part-time please use this form. If you have a non-student who works part-time/intern/volunteer please use the first form.

Enterprise Systems Forms:

Banner Access
We have combined the individual Banner Student, Fiscal, Financial Aid, and Document Imaging into one form. Please use this for all Banner access requests.

Degree Works Access
Employee needs access to Degree Works (Admin - Registrar's office).

Argos Access
Employee needs access to reports in Argos (Admin - ITS).

Slate Access
Employee needs access to Slate (Admin - Enrollment Analytics & Solutions).

Change your Outlook/web listing information

If you notice that your directory information is incorrect in Outlook you can use these forms to get that information changed.

IMPORTANT! - The phone and room change can be done by the employee. For department and title changes you will need your supervisor to fill it out and HR to approve the change.

Department listing

Phone listing 

Room listing 

Title listing