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FAQ - Office 365 for Bristol Employees

After my account is migrated what will I need to do?

After your account has been migrated, we recommend you recreate the email account on your mobile device(s) to ensure everything is synced properly. If you continue to use the Outlook client you will also be prompted the first time you open it for credentials. Please enter your ( for the user name along with your network password.

Can I still use the Outlook desktop application with Office 365?

You will still be able to use the desktop version of Outlook. Our students and the large majority of adjunct faculty currently use Outlook Web to access their email. It is now the preferred method for everyone to use unless certain features are required that are not available in the web version. Due to the nature of the Outlook client there are some know connectivity and slowness issues that Microsoft acknowledges when using it to access Office 365 mailboxes.

Can I still use the native email application with Office 365 and my mobile devices?

The native email application on your mobile device will continue to work after the upgrade, but the recommended and supported method of accessing mail after the upgrade is to use the Microsoft Outlook app that is available in both Google Play and the Apple Store. It generally handles things like calendaring better than the native apps, provides a consistent experience across all supported platforms, and Microsoft is continuing to add additional Office 365-specific, and useful, features to it.

How do I access my email via the web client?

As more features are built into accessBCC many of you will find it easy to use the email quick link within the portal to access your email and many other college resources. There is also a link for email on the "Faculty and Staff" page of the BristolCC website. ITS will also be placing a shortcut on the desktop of employee systems that will provide access without going through the portal.

What happens to all my current email and appointments?

All of your existing emails, contacts, and appointments will be migrated to the cloud.

What are the message limits in Office 365? What size files can I send and receive? What about attachment sizes?

The maximum size of an incoming or outgoing email message (including attachments) is 25 Megabytes (MB). You will receive a warning if you exceed this amount. This limit is in line with those set by other email providers including Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail. Any user who needs to share a larger document should consider using OneDrive.

What if I delete messages and need to get them restored?

You can use "Recover deleted items" to recover things that were deleted for up to 30 days directly to your mailbox. After 30 days you can recover email using the college’s email archive system.