Welcome to the Bristol
Registrar & Records Office

Mission: The mission of the Registrar’s Office is to support all students and employees of Bristol Community College through leadership in the areas of strategic planning, project management, policy development and implementation. The Registrar’s Office supports student success from first contact to graduation through:

  • Adhering to the professional standards and guidelines of Bristol Community College and both the state and federal Department of Higher Education
  • College-wide collaboration in the development and implementation of policy
  • Maintaining the accuracy, integrity, and security of ALL student records; and
  • Upholding high ethical and moral standards

The Registrar’s Office serves students, faculty, and staff through their wide array of college services. To better understand how the Registrar’s Office can support you during your tenure at Bristol see our services offered on the left sidebar menu.

Good to Know

Academic Calendar

Stay on top of important semester dates with the Bristol Academic Calendar. Details about the first day of classes, holidays, finals and more can be found in the Academic Calendar.


Please click on the appropriate semester below to review the add/drop schedule.

*Please note: If you register for a class after the financial aid freeze date, that enrollment will not be included in your financial aid award for Pell grant and state aid purposes. This means that you may be responsible for paying those charges on your own. If you have questions or concerns, please contact financial aid: FinancialAid@BristolCC.edu or 774.357.2515.

Application to Graduate Form

If you are nearing program completion and have earned at least 48 credits for a degree, you should complete an Application to Graduate form in accessBCC. After a graduation audit, you will receive an official notification regarding completion of program or certificate requirements.

Class Schedule

After registering, you may view your course schedule and print copies through accessBCC. You will need to bring a copy of this schedule to the Bookstore in order to purchase textbooks.


You may register for courses every semester through accessBCC. This also includes add/drop, which allows you to make changes in your class schedule based on course availability.


Final grades and mid-term grades are made available to you via accessBCC. Please note: The College does not mail student grade reports.

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