The Registrar’s Office at Bristol is here to help! Please take a look below at the resources provided to all students by our office. For all our visual learners please read on to learn about our services as well as find all the links you will need once a registered student here at Bristol. For our auditory learners please feel free to call us at 774.357.3030. We are always happy to answer your questions!

Important Forms and College Processes

Change of Program

CLICK HERE for form. The Change of Program link can be found in myBristol under the Advising section. Program changes open when registration opens and closes at the end of the add/drop period for each semester. If the link is unavailable this means program changes are not available to students during this time. If you have questions, please contact the Registrar’s Office at

Course Registration Override Authorization Form

CLICK HERE for form. This form is for students who are looking to get into a course that may be full, conflict with another time, require a pre-requisite that you would like waived, is restricted to a certain major or other attribute or you are trying to add this course after the end of the add/drop period during the beginning of the semester!

Course Change Form

CLICK HERE for form. While students can always add/drop or withdraw from courses online, students who are unable to do so should fill out this form. The request will be processed by our Enrollment Services Team. For questions about this form students can contact

Directory Confidentiality Request

CLICK HERE for form. Students who would like to withhold their directory information should fill out this form. Completing this form will create a confidentiality hold on your record. Your directory information will not be released to outside agencies or appear internally on any material/media without your permission. Please see the FERPA page for more information regarding this form.

Directed Studies

The directed study request link will open 6-8 weeks prior to the beginning of each semester. Directed studies can take up to 8 weeks to process depending on the time of submission. Directed Study requests are initially received by the Registrar’s Office who handles approving or disapproving based on the college policy. Once moved forward by the Registrar's Office, the Academic Area Dean will approve or disapprove after the instructor has been named and accepted the assignment. The request is then processed by an Academic Affairs representative. If approved, the form is returned to the Registrar to create a specific course number for the directed study. An email from the Registrar’s Office will be sent to the student and instructor with notification of approval and next steps. Students should expect to receive an email within 8 weeks of submission. The directed study link form can be found in myBristol under the Registration section. Please reach out to the Registrar’s Office at for questions about directed studies.

Financial Aid Consortium Agreement

A consortium agreement allows a college to process a federal financial aid application for a student attending another school under which the courses are pre-approved for transfer credit. The student must obtain the application from the home institution with the proper signatures and send it to the Registrar of the host institution for approval. The Financial Aid office will confirm the cost of attendance and return the form to the home institution. The student must adhere to all requirements stipulated in the agreement. The home and host institutions may share information about the student as it pertains to enrollment verification or financial aid funding. The student is responsible for satisfying payments to the host institution. The form can be obtained by contacting the Registrar’s Office at

Prior Approval Form

CLICK HERE for form. Students interested in taking a course at another institution to apply to program requirements at Bristol must obtain prior approval from the Registrar. Students should complete the Prior Approval Form and send it to the Registrar for approval. Students who do not seek prior approval may not have the transfer credits applied to satisfy program requirements. Once completed, please email to the Registrar’s Office at

Request to Repeat a Course

Requests to repeat courses should follow the current college policy. Only students who are taking a course for the third time should submit a course repeat request. If a student is having trouble registering for a course, please reach out to Be sure to include your 900 number and course CRN which is the 5-digit course identifier. Repeat course forms are available once registration begins and will close when the semester begins. The form is located in accessBCC under the Student Services tab. If you are unable to access the form please contact the Registrar’s Office at


CLICK HERE for form Southeastern Association for Cooperation in Higher Education in Massachusetts or SACHEM is a collaborative effort among nine colleges in Southeastern Massachusetts, allowing full-time students at each SACHEM institution to enroll in a limited number of courses at other SACHEM institutions. To qualify, a student must be enrolled as a full-time degree-seeking student in good academic standing at one of the SACHEM participating schools. This benefit is on a space-available basis, with registration limited to one week before the class begins, day classes only, during the September to May academic year. Other restrictions may apply. You can download a SACHEM form here.

Student Change of Data Form

CLICK HERE for form. Want to change your address? Indicate your Chosen Name? Use this form link to change your personal information.

Student Educational Record Disclosure Form

A student can consent to disclose their records to parents or other parties by completing this form. For example, if you would like a parent, counselor, or friend to be able to access to your records, this form should be filled out. The Registrar’s Office will attach this form to your record. When a request is made to access a student’s information by the appropriate party, Bristol staff will be able to view the disclosure form on file. The form allows students to state which educational records they would like to be released. Options include:

  • Academic Information (grades/GPA, transcript, registration, enrollment status)
  • Financial Aid Information (awards, application data, disbursements, eligibility)
  • Student Account Information (statements, charges/credits, payments, refunds, collections) 

Student Enrollment Verification

Students who require verification of enrollment at the college should reach out to for a verification letter.

Total Withdrawal Form

CLICK HERE for form. Use the Total Withdrawal Form to withdraw from all courses at Bristol Community College. This form should only be used once the add/drop period has ended. For questions about this form, students can reach out to the Registrar’s Office at