Bristol Community College (Bristol) is committed to the inclusion of all students, staff, and faculty. Bristol recognizes that any member of our community may choose a name to identify themselves that differs from their legal name. Bristol's Chosen Name, Personal Pronoun, and Gender Identity Policy strives to accommodate this self-identification. 

A Bristol community member may want to utilize the Chosen Name, Personal Pronoun, and Gender Identity Policy for the following reasons: 

  • A middle name instead of the first name
  • An abbreviated name (Rob instead of Robert, Lizzie instead of Elizabeth) 
  • An Anglicized name (Wendy instead of Haiyan)
  • A name that better represents your gender identity 

The use of a chosen first name, personal pronoun, and/or gender identity will be recognized and applied across as many Bristol systems as possible, wherever legal name is not required by law and as long as it is not used for the purposes of misrepresentation or fraud. Declaring a chosen first name does not change a student’s legal name. For legal name changes, a copy of the updated Social Security Card will be required for U.S. Citizens, and a copy of the updated passport will be required for non-U.S. citizens.

To add a Chosen Name, Personal Pronoun, and/or Gender Identity please complete the Student Change of Data Form available under the Registration tab in myBristol. Any student who uses this service for the purpose of fraud will be subject to a student code of conduct investigation.

 At present, the chosen first name will appear on: 

  • Faculty Class Rosters 
  • Diplomas – you will have the opportunity to select the preferred name when applying to graduate
  • Blackboard 
  • Internal communication
  • Awards/Commencement
  • Internal Data Requests

In accordance with policy, a student’s legal name shall be used on all College documents, systems and communications external to the College and/or where a legal name is required. Examples include, but are not limited to: 

  • Financial Aid Records 
  • Student Account Records 
  • Health Records 
  • Payroll Records 
  • Student Personally Identifiable Information 
  • Student Directory Information 
  • Official Transcripts 
  • Interactions with Government Agencies

Students can choose a chosen first name only. For F-1 or J-1 visa status, the first and last legal name must be used on all U.S. government-issued documents.

Student Change of Data Form Option for Gender Identity:

  • AGEN - Agender
  • BIGE - Bigender
  • CISG - Cisgender
  • GF - Gender Fluid
  • GQ - Gender Queer
  • NONB - Non Binary
  • TRAN - Transgender

Student Change of Data Form options for Personal Pronoun:

  • HE - He, Him, His
  • SHE - She, Her, Hers
  • THEY - They, Them, Theirs
  • ZE - Ze, Zir, Zim
  • ZZ - Ze, Zir, Zirs

Individuals may not use a chosen first name for misrepresentation or for illegal purposes. The college reserves the right to reject chosen name requests that are offensive, obscene, are self-aggrandizing, or that use derogatory language.

Chosen name changes are limited to one per academic year.  Exceptions to the policy (or to this limit) may be approved by the Registrar.

To legally change your name please complete the Student Change of Data Form and provide supporting documentation.

For questions regarding adding a preferred name or legally changing your name please contact the Registrars Office by email at or by phone at 774.357.2240.