The Bathroom and Locker Room Use policy has been revised consistent with the Commonwealth’s new Public Accommodation Law, which requires places of public accommodation to permit the use of public facilities, including bathrooms and locker rooms, based on a person’s sincerely held gender identity.

This policy was revised in consultation with a sub-committee of the Chief Student Affairs Officers and was forwarded for review to the Attorney General’s Office.

Bristol also offers gender inclusive restrooms. Facilities with this designation should be treated as single-occupant restrooms, regardless of the number of stalls or fixtures inside, and individuals should lock the exterior restroom door when in use.

Gender inclusive restrooms can benefit many different people, including parents with differently gendered children, people with disabilities who may require the accompaniment of an attendant of a different gender, transgender and gender non-conforming people.

Attleboro Campus

  • 1st floor (across from Enrollment Center)

Fall River Campus

  • A Building: 1st floor (hallway to the right before entering the Library)
  • B Building: 2nd floor
  • C Building: 2nd floor
  • D Building: 1st floor
  • E Building: 2nd floor
  • G Building: 2nd floor
  • J Building: 1st floor
  • K Building: 2nd floor

New Bedford Campus

  • At the New Bedford Bristol campus, the gender inclusive restrooms are on the lower level (at the end of the hallway across from classroom LL12).

Taunton Center

  • The Bristol Taunton Center gender inclusive restrooms can be found back and right from the Center's entrance (the hallway to the left before classroom 128).