Bristol Community College is Tobacco and Vaping-Free 

Bristol Community College is a tobacco and vaping-free college. The use of tobacco is prohibited within college buildings, walkways, in college or state fleet vehicles, and on college-owned property, not otherwise leased to another organization. This policy applies to all faculty, staff, students, contractors, vendors and visitors at all college locations.

In support, Bristol Community College provides comprehensive tobacco cessation and prevention services. This policy prohibits the use of any oral tobacco product. This includes unregulated nicotine products (e.g. e-cigarettes and vaping). Smoking will only be permitted in private vehicles parked on campus or on the street off campus.


  • American Cancer Society 
  • Healthy City Fall River    
  • Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights             
  • American College Health Association      
  • The BACCHUS Network 
  • College Tobacco Prevention Resource