Have your financial circumstances changed since you filed your FAFSA?

Bristol is committed to ensuring that each student can achieve their educational goals. Experiencing financial hardship doesn’t have to stop you from reaching your dreams. Let us help you stay on track.

If your family’s financial circumstances have changed as a result of the pandemic, filing an appeal with the financial aid office may help you access additional financial aid to help you stay in school and cover educationally related expenses this spring. Bristol is here to help with the appeals process.

Changes That Qualify for an Appeal 

Examples of circumstances we will consider include:  

  • Significant loss of income due to termination or change in employment – circumstances and duration of the period of unemployment may be considered.  
  • Unexpected life event.  
  • High medical, educational or family expenses. 
  • Correction to income information reported on financial aid application. 

We are unable to consider appeals based on circumstances that include but are not limited to:

  • High consumer debt.
  • Personal expenses (pets, cars, housekeepers, vacations, sports, etc.).
  • Expenses that have not yet occurred.

Although there is no guarantee that your appeal will be approved, Bristol makes every effort to ensure that allowable unusual circumstances are taken into account. In all cases the final determination of eligibility rests with the financial aid office and cannot be appealed. 

Take the Next Step 

If the information you provided in your financial aid application has changed, please contact the financial aid office to discuss filing an appeal.

All appeals are reviewed on a case-by-case basis to account for individual circumstances. Please be prepared to provide documentation that supports your request.  

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