Please Note: The Bristol Community College CARE Fund is not affiliated with the federal government’s Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

The CARE Team

The Bristol CARE Team takes referrals for students who are experiencing challenges related to academic performance (academic alert).  The CARE Team can also help to make connections to services based on self-reported wellness issues and other issues that can be addressed through established channels at Bristol. The CARE Team mobilizes available services and resources to support students in a holistic, collaborative manner and to help mitigate barriers to success.

The CARE Team DOES NOT respond to or address emergencies. If you feel threatened, or are aware that someone is in extreme distress, is acting in a threatening manner, or has indicated a risk of harm to self or others, please IMMEDIATELY CALL Bristol Community College Police at 774.357.2218 or 3911 from any Bristol phone.

The CARE Fund

The CARE Fund is designed to off-set short-term financial needs for students experiencing specific setbacks that may prevent them from continuing their education at Bristol Community College. Funds are limited to Bristol students who are currently enrolled in classes at the time of the referral and who are in good standing with the College. All requests for funding must be submitted by the student via the CARE Fund Request form.

  • Students can submit a CARE Fund Request by using this form.

Examples of eligible expenses include transportation assistance (bus passes, gas cards, minor car repair), housing assistance (short-term rent assistance, utilities, other household expenses), textbooks (or other educational necessities), and partial tuition payments (of a one-time nature). Examples of ineligible expenses include parking tickets, traffic violations, health insurance, and credit card debt.

All requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and funding is not guaranteed for every request. The CARE Fund does not supplant Federal and State Financial Aid. To be eligible for CARE Funds, students should have exhausted all other resources.  CARE Funds will not be processed or delivered on an emergency basis.

The CARE Fund is managed by the CARE Team and administered by the Bristol Community College Foundation.  Donations can be made at BristolCC.edu/Donate.


If you have questions or need more information, please email the CARE Team at CareTeam@BristolCC.edu. Email use is restricted to questions/discussion. The CARE Team will address referrals received through the official form only; referrals will not be accepted via email, via phone, or in-person.

Additional Resources

The CARE Team is also committed to educating the college community about existing policies and resources and to guiding community members on how to support students in the most direct and efficient manner possible. These resources may be helpful in your endeavor to support Bristol students.


Bristol Community College (Follett) Merit Scholarship Information

Disability Services

Faculty and Staff Resources to Help Students

Health Services

Mental Health Counseling

Mental Health Screenings (Free and Anonymous)

Mobile Food Market

Student and Family Engagement

Suicide Prevention Protocol

Veterans Center Resources